Grand Seiko Enters Watches & Wonders 2024 With Guns Blazing

Unveiling a stellar collection with a timepiece for a multitude of styles.


Grand Seiko hasn’t held back at Watches & Wonders 2024, unleashing a diverse collection that caters to every watch lover’s desires. From globetrotters to nature lovers and history buffs, there’s a timepiece ready to steal the show on any wrist. Here’s a peek at some of the hottest timepieces they unleashed.

For the Jetsetter:

Grand Seiko offers two impressive options for the frequent flyer. The SBGJ277 GMT ($6,800 USD) boasts Grand Seiko’s hi-beat 36,000 vph movement for exceptional accuracy, while the SBGE307 Spring Drive GMT ($10,700 USD) features the brand’s revolutionary Spring Drive technology, known for its smooth sweeping second hand. Both feature eye-catching bezels and clear displays for effortless navigation across time zones. The SBGJ277 prioritizes precision with its high-beat movement, while the SBGE307 offers a lighter feel with its high-intensity titanium case and slightly less stringent, yet still impressive, accuracy of ±15 seconds per month.

A Feast for the Eyes:

Grand Seiko’s artistry shines in the SLGH021 Genbi Valley Dial Watch ($10,400 USD). Inspired by the vibrant hues of Japan’s Genbi Valley, the dial features a mesmerizing gradation of green, achieved using a new molded pattern by Grand Seiko. This artisanal process creates a captivating depth that evokes the serenity of a mountain landscape.

Fusion of Form and Function:

For those who crave both style and functionality, the SBGC275 Sport Collection Spring Drive Chronograph GMT ($13,400 USD) is the ultimate all-rounder. This chronograph boasts Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive technology for smooth operation and exceptional accuracy.  The built-in GMT function lets you keep track of home time while conquering new adventures, all housed in a robust yet lightweight “high-intensity titanium” case.

A Touch of Majesty:

The SBGD215 High Jewelry “White Lion” ($300,000 USD) is a limited edition watch. This breathtaking timepiece features a mother-of-pearl dial adorned with a majestic white lion sculpted from shimmering diamonds. As the saying goes, leave it to Grand Seiko to create a timepiece as dazzling as the SBGD215.

A Timeless Legacy:

History buffs will find a treasure in the SBGW314 ($26,500 USD), a faithful recreation of the very first Grand Seiko wristwatch from 1960. Housed inside an 18k rose gold case, this timepiece is engineered with the 9S63 manual-wound movement, offering a glimpse into Grand Seiko’s remarkable journey.