Interview with REC Watches

By Jovan Krstevski


Please tell us about REC Watches

REC Watches is a completely new and independent Danish watch manufacturer. Our concept is to take “forgotten classics” and recycle these into watch components. The result is that every single watch we produce is not only visually unique, but also “embodied” with the history and soul of the particular object it was recycled from.

Tell us more about yourself – how did you get into watchmaking?

I’ve always been a huge watch enthusiast, and since I was a child you could find me with my nose pressed up against the windows of the local watch shops. However, during a visit to BaselWorld, Christian (my founding partner) and myself became somewhat disillusioned by the offerings of some of the more affordable and accessible brands. We simply thought that watch should have more to offer than just its good looks or a prestigious year of establishment. As such, I guess you could say we started REC Watches with a consumer point-of-view, observing a gap in the market — and bang, here I am, suddenly involved in watchmaking!

Christian Felix Friis Mygh & Jonathan Kamstrup

Tell us more about the watches

Our first collection is based on the classic Morris Mini, which many consider a true icon and even symbolic of the 1960s, meaning that we actually recover these old cars and transform their chassis/body into dials of watches! Because we take the “raw” metal, we do not only make limited edition watches (as only so many dials can be made from one car), but also that no two dials are identical due to the imperfections, scratches and rust of the dials. On top of that we closely research the story of each car we recycle (yes, we call all of the previous owners we can find), meaning that we are able to convey it’s history in an accompanying booklet. As such, and unlike other watch brands, the “story” of a REC watch does not lie in the brand, but rather in every watch. We currently have 2 models in 5 variations each, the Mark I inspired by the cars elliptical dashboard and the Cooper influenced by the characteristic bonnet stripes, and we expect to introduce the 3rd and last Mini-based watch model (called “the Minimalist”) over the summer.

The Mark I Collection

The Cooper Collection

How do customers find the watches and what is the pricing?

Just like the Mini was a working-class car, we have placed ourselves in the affordable end of the pricing range. At only roughly $465, you get a rather large watch, with a sturdy quartz movement, and a truly extraordinary dial and story. Many customers are somewhat surprised that the price tag is rather low, but our approach has been that we’d rather be very competitively priced and get our name out there than start competing with some of the bigger more expensive brands. In fact, I believe we’re the only producer in the world that can offer truly unique (in the very definition of the word) at this price point.

What is next for REC Watches?

Right now we’re actually just interested in telling people about us and what we do. Our experience is that people really like the concept, and we’re always open to feedback – both positive and negative. We wish to be a brand that people can relate to, and which offers so much more at a competitive price point. So what we need now is basically exposure, happy customers, and qualified international agents/distributors!

Click on the pictures below to see the collections.

Discover the Mark I Collection

Discover the Cooper Collection


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