Interview With The Zelos Watches Founder

By Jovan Krstevski

Jovan Krstevski: Tell us more about yourself – how did you get into watchmaking?

Elshan Tang: From a young age, I have always had a fascination for kinetic mechanisms, and I have been drawn to watches ever since I discovered the detailed perfection of watch designs. After collecting watches for a decade, I realized the high prices were mainly due to brand inflation. Having completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering which provided the relevant skills, I decided to design my very own watch to prove that quality could be had at a fraction of the price.

Jovan Krstevski: Please tell us about Zelos Watches.

Elshan Tang: Zelos is Greek for zeal which expresses my passion for wristwatches and the primary reason why Zelos was founded. Zelos aims to be a brand with cutting-edge watch designs and quality materials, staying always true to our affordable roots.

Jovan Krstevski: Tell us more about your latest model – the Chroma.

Elshan Tang: The Chroma is the second watch after the successful launch of the Helmsman. It’s a sleek dressy piece packed with all the basic features I wanted out of a watch. It’s got a reliable automatic movement, sapphire crystal along with an affordable price!

Jovan Krstevski: When is the Chroma Available? How do Customers order one and what is the pricing?

Elshan Tang: It’s available for preorder right now on Kickstarter! Early bird pricing starts at 199CAD(180USD) for the basic models which are going quickly!

Jovan Krstevski: What is next for Zelos Watches?

Elshan Tang: We will be working for a smooth production and delivery for the Chroma. We also intend to upgrade the Bronze Helmsman with a minimum of 1000m water resistance or higher!

Movement of the Chroma : Skeleton

Jovan Krstevski: Mr. Elshan Tang, Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer us. It was a real pleasure…

Elshan Tang: It’s my pleasure Jovan, Thanks a lot for this interview.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign and buy your piece.


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