Barrington Dual Watch Winder Review & Giveaway

By Jovan Krstevski

For automatic watch lovers like me, getting a good winder is a no brainer. The winder keeps the automatic watches wound or simply powered while not on your wrist. Winders act like artificial wrists mimicking the natural movements of our arms in a timely fashion so as not to overwhelm the watches you put in them. I personally have a few winders because I just want to have convenience of not having to manually wind and readjust a sleeping watch. I know that you could literally leave it for dead in a few days and then shake it a little bit before manually setting the time but then it would not sound too nice if you have like 5 watches or more needing the same process. This is where watch winders come in handy.

The subject of this review is the Barrington Dual Watch Winder. From the general looks of it, it kind of feels like a mini furniture with a drawer in the bottom. The finish is smooth but boy, this model is a dust magnet and fingerprint scanner too. Keeping it tidy regularly is going to make your day harder but that is actually good for your muscles.


Nevertheless, aside from the finicky surface details, it does look amazing for a winder. Sometimes, I like to see my watches that I paid for with a fortune even without wearing them. Displaying them like jewelries makes sense and this particular winder makes it happen.

The overall fashionable closed display casing measures about 24 x 18 x 26.2cm which is not bad for a display purpose winder. From the way it looks, it’s like a window back in time when the first Macintosh computer was released. I don’t know about you but I am inclined to think that the creators of this winder are taking into account some simple or minimalistic yet stylish approach into producing an elegant winder that could aesthetically compete like extra gadgets for automatic watches. Well, either way I like the idea but please let us go back to watch winders.


Out of the winders I already have, this one is quite different in the way it presents itself while doing its job. For one, there is the LED downlighters. Aside from light shows, I don’t see any point for the LED downlighters in a winder unless you want to gaze at your beloved Rolex the whole night. Then you would have to put up with the subtle hums the device makes while doing its job. Fortunately, it could be turned off so for those looking for neat tricks to show off to their friends this feature is quite dandy.

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