Pre-Watches & Wonders Geneva Announcement


Dear readers,

Hello! It’s Harlan here, the managing editor of WristReview, I hope you’re well. It’s odd for me to write like this at you, as I’m usually talking about my favourite topic, watches! I’m here to ask something of you, I’ll make it quick so I save your time.

The biggest horology-focused event of the year, Watches & Wonders Geneva (formerly SIHH), takes place next week, beginning on Tuesday, April 8th. Over fifty brands are due to showcase their latest collections, and we’ll soon be heading off to Palexpo in Geneva to cover as many of them as possible. 

Watches & Wonders Geneva is essential not only for the worldwide horological community but also for us. It will be the first time that Jovan (WristReview’s Masthead) and I have met in person in a few years. Not only will it be a reunion for us as friends, but it will also mean we will (hopefully) be able to provide more content for you than ever before, barring any unforeseen events between now and then.

Of course, we will endeavour to get articles written and photos edited as soon as possible, we are well aware that the website is the key draw for all of our readers, and that will continue (as a side note, you should add our page to your browser’s RSS feed if you like our content; that way, your browser will tell you as and when we publish new articles). However, we plan on making more use of our social media platform of choice: Instagram. Instagram is an excellent way for us to deliver more content to you in an orderly manner, and with Jovan and myself in Geneva we plan to make the best of it.

So, when you have a moment, please follow our Instagram account by clicking on this text and clicking the ‘Follow’ button so you can stay up to date as we go around the various exhibiting brands. A larger following on social media will also signal further to brands that we mean business, which may mean more exciting projects for WristReview in the future!

With all of that said, I hope you’ll remember that you are valued and that you matter. We wouldn’t be doing any of this without your support. So, from us at WristReview, thank you for everything you do. Until then, I’ll see you in the comments section.