Into the Blue with Girard-Perregaux

By Nicole Lampru




             GP 1966 - 1 girard-perregaux-vintage-1945-xxl-blue

The expression “Into the blue” is often used to describe a feeling of uncertainty or not knowing what you are walking into. Nonetheless, in the world of watchmaking, it is a direct reference to one of the leading brands in the industry, namely Girard-Perregaux.

The Swiss Manufacturer has decided to go back to its roots, bringing back the color blue and giving it a main role in the design of 2 striking new models that embody the elegant spirit of the brand: the Girard-Perregaux flagship 1966 and the Vintage 1945 XXL collections, which now feature the primary color in their dials and straps.

Back in the 18th century, the brand’s founder – Jean-Francois Bautte- was found among the first watchmakers to successfully implement the blue tone in its creations, offering a revolutionary take in design during conservative times in the industry.  Ever since, the royal-like color has been a characteristic element among GP timepieces.

Following a trend in haute horlogerie of reviving classics and infusing them with modern touches, Girard-Perregaux succeeds in connecting history and functionality with the creation of sublime designs that take us deep into the blue.  The GP Blue.

GP 1966 - 2

The Girard-Perregaux Iconic 1966

Combining understated elegance and precision, this 38mm well-balanced model is a representation of the brand’s craftsmanship capabilities.  Extraordinary finishes and superb mechanism promise to make this piece part of the most-wanted list this year.

The GP 1966 boasts a domed dial (now in royal blue), which along with a sunburst effect provides the piece with an interesting reflection interplay that could resemble the movement of light as it hits the waves of the deep sea.

The dial features dainty gold plated, baton-like hour markers at 3H, 6H and 9H, while the date is displayed at 3H.   The hour, minute and second hands are also gold plated; which creates a beautiful contrast against the blue dial and enhances visibility, probably as a collateral effect.

The case is made in 18Kt pink gold and the beveled bezel provides the watch with a particular profile.  This case houses a GP03300-0030 self-winding, mechanical Manufacture movement with a 46 hour power-reserve.

The blue alligator strap is presented with a pink gold buckle to match the overall composition of the timepiece.


The Vintage 1945 XXL Petite Seconde

The 1945 is definitely among the most timeless looking pieces of the brand.  The rectangular design of the case certainly accomplishes an Art-Deco flair that does not go unnoticed, featuring the newly-introduced deep-blue dial, shimmering reflections in its range and considerable size (36.20mm x 35.25mm).

The dial is twice as curved, as is the polished stainless steel case; both accentuated by the vertical brushed effect.

However, the small second indication possesses a satin finish that creates high contrast in the composition of the timepiece.

A railtrack minute indicator can be distinguished around the inner edge, accompanied by the delicate and seemingly romantic “Breguet” appliqué numerals.  Faceted and slightly curved hand-made hour and minute hands grant an overall elegance to the design, following the shape of the dial.

Equipped with a GP03300-0051 self-winding mechanical in-house movement, the Vintage 1945 XXL Petite Seconde is available in 2 different versions: blue alligator strap and stainless steel bracelet.


Girard-Perregaux shows once again how remarkable things can sometimes be found in simplicity.

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 Nicole Lampru – Contributing Writer
With an inherited passion for timepieces and jewelry, Nicole made her way into the watchmaking world as member of marketing teams for a few independent brands. She started writing about watches around 3 years ago for printed and digital media in USA and South America. Interested in innovative trends, yet appreciating tradition; her wrist-game is eclectic… And despite her shy height (5′) she loves big, bold watches.