Introducing The Alessandro Salvatore WorldTimer Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

What really interests me is the nature of the project, isn’t just the typical Swiss watch we’re all looking for, it’s a complicated one at that, a Worldtimer to be precise. If you fancy this level of watchmaking, you know that it costs a leg or two. Alessandro Salvatore is disrupting the very business that makes watchmaking exciting. The inspiration of the AS Worldtimer is also very interesting, think about Patek Philippe Ref. 515 which is the original bearer of the Worldtimer concept.

Moreover, the AS WorldTimer, aptly named by the way is a massive timepiece at 50mm diameter. This is really large but to us with bigger wrists or to those who prefer larger watches, this is cool. Looking at the design, I can’t help but notice the nice internal bezel sporting a peripheral 24-hour ring. This is a convenient way of showing each local time across the 24 time zones simultaneously as it makes a full revolution in a day. Due to its large size, I somehow agree to its choice of crown design, they come in 2 pieces (one sets the date and time while the other sets the 24-hour disc) located at 2 and 4 o’clock. Moreover the lugs do provide reliability in grip and comfort considering the massive case design. Overall, I like the minimalist approach but this is minimalist watch, with large clothes plus we get 4 case versions (brushed stainless steel case with DLC) in Gold, Black, Silver, and Rose Gold finishes.

As we go to the dial, it becomes undeniable that this is indeed a Worldtimer. The dial comes in 2 colors, in white and black with a nice simple design. Personally, I’d choose the black version in black steel case since it’s the sporty version for me although the white in silver case looks very classy. What I like about the dial is its intuitive format. Its unique 24-hour disc makes reading the time in all the major cities around the world so easy plus it also has day/night coloration. To make it even more legible, the names of the 24 time zones appear on a city ring surrounding the 24-hour disc and the hands are coated with Super-Luminova. There is also a date function at the traditional 3 o’clock.

Powering the AS Worldtimer is an automatic ETA 2893 Swiss Automatic Self-Winding movement, hand-assembled from the finest material including an ebauche base of 192 Swiss parts that delivers an impressive 42-hour power reserve considering its complication. Part of the movement can be seen through the exhibition case back.

The watches come on high-quality Italian Leather straps available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Black. Again the selling point here is the price point, which starts from AU$1,299 the AS Worldtimer is a bargain. I challenge you to find a world time watch with this level of finish, attention to detail, and complication at four times the price. This is a Swiss watch that is complicated and 2 years in the making. It is hand assembled and the 10 year warranty that comes with each watch is just too good to pass.

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