Introducing The Bulgari Octo Ultranero Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

When it comes to luxury, Bulgari comes to mind very quickly. As a major player in this field, there’s no doubt that their watchmaking is also in the same league. But of course, is Bulgari really playing the game that good? We are about to find out with their new Octo Ultranero watch to be released in a limited edition of only 250 pieces. Now there is a caveat here, the same non-limited edition is priced the same, what gives? Aren’t limited edition pieces supposed to be unique in some ways? To be honest, this is also my sentiments but knowing Bulgari for quite some time, there is usually a grain of salt that should be taken here. So let’s move on with the watch.

First things, Bulgari likes trends and this is the way they sell. Their collections are dynamic and interesting featuring formal and sporty watches. You can’t sell style alone not with die hard horology fans so they back it up with solid in-house movements which for all we care are the true reasons why people buy watches. The new ultra black DLC-coated Bulgari Octo Ultranero line is made for 2017 and beyond. It includes three new models particularly a totally blacked-out model and one with popping red highlights introduced recently at Baselworld. The Bulgari Octo Ultranero Americas Limited Edition differs in a way of adding vividly contrasting blue hands and markers of course in the spirit of bright colors on a black background as the watch is known for.

The 41 mm wide and 10.4 mm thick stainless steel DLC case of the Bulgari Octo Ultranero watch is designed for daily wear or in all occasions. This size fits most wrist sizes based on experience and being deep black, it also blends perfectly with any fashion. If you like style, this is where Bulgari truly shines, the brand simply understands trends so all you need to think about is to enjoy the watch. The square shape of the Octo enhances its bold attitude but again its deep black color simply reduces its visual mass so it appears brutally humble and subtle. But its clever use of bright contrasting colors certainly make it stand out.

On the watch face, the bright blue elements that respect the colors of the Americas are excellent. They offer some relief from the light zapping deep black persona of the watch. It is as traditional as some Bulgari stylish watches. The date window is at the 3 o’clock and nothing fancy has been added on the dial. We like it this way as legibility is absolutely superb. The octagonal design of the watch also extends to the dial which is not very surprising. The true rounded element of the watch is seen only on the bezel which acts as the buffer in the ultimate octo-style of the watch.

The watch is powered by the same movement that powers Bulgari’s Octo Ultranero watches released in 2016 which is the highly decorated in-house BLV191 Solotempo. The automatic movement provides basic functions such as time and date and sports 50 hours of power reserve. It also features a rotor mounted on ceramic ball bearings which can be seen through the exhibition case back. In the case of the Bulgari Octo Ultranero Americas Limited Edition version, we don’t know yet if it has visible caseback as Bulgari hasn’t provided case back images for now.

The watch wears on a comfortable high-quality rubber strap with a buckle coated in the same Ultranero collection sports DLC (diamond-like carbon) seen on the case which adds to its scratch-proof property.

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