Introducing The Ceramic Rolex Daytona Watch Collection By AET Remould

Ceramic all the way...

Success is very difficult to achieve these days in the world of luxury watches.  Major brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet have set very high standards in the industry; in order to have your name alongside these companies, you have to bring something completely new to the market. Originating from Germany, AET Remould is committed to create unique timepieces using innovative materials built upon iconic and often rare editions of the aforementioned brands that allow the wearer to break the status quo.  AET Remould’s craftsmen are recognized for their uniqueness and renowned for their study of inventive materials allowing them to be used in watch modifications; among the materials studied and used is ceramic, which provides hardness and durability, unlike other watch metals. The ceramic is bright and pure in color, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion being perfect for creating bespoke watches.

Having a great popularity in the world of exclusive watches, the Cosmograph Daytona watch model produced by Rolex came on the market as an answer to the demands of professional racing drivers. AET Remould has made modifications on these watches resulting in several models that satisfy watch collectors.

AET Remould’s ‘Classic Collection’ is composed of three watches on which modifications were made using ceramics. The modifications did not introduce additional decoration or significant changes in the design of the watch, rather merely changing the material composition to keep the original design elements intact. The diversified use of white, black and platinum colors provides a natural brilliance and visual pleasure to this collection.

An entirely different approach was applied in the creation of the ‘Picasso Collection’. The creativity and talent of the great painter Picasso was the inspiration for AET Remould’s desire to pay tribute to the great artist. With the permission of Picasso Art IP to introduce the works of art which consecrated Picasso into the design of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series, they have succeeded in creating watches which represent works of art in the true sense of the word.

Three models have been made with Piccaso’s masterpieces, each having painted on the dial a work of art made by the great painter. Throughout his life, Piccaso painted all the important women in his life, which is why on the dial of the model ‘The Musician’ we find a woman playing an instrument.  Continuing with ‘The Bullfighter’ which combines the iconic image of the disoriented matador with the white of the ceramics used by the AET Remould craftsmen resulting in an image that seems to come to life.

The last piece in the collection incorporates Teresa, the great painter’s lover on its dial, with the later timepiece receiving the name ‘Dream’.

Additional variations of Ceramic Daytona masterpieces by AET Remould are unveiled in the brand’s Rodin Collection.  Emblematic for the circuit and for speed, the color Abu Dhabi is represented on the watch face and bezel of the Ceramic Daytona Abu Dhabi Special Edition, limited to 18 pieces worldwide. The vision of the place where the fastest pilots on the planet battle each other, the color representative of speed and the craftsmanship of AET Remould have been incorporated into this watch, in which the wearer will be recognized as an F1 and speed enthusiast.

The collection also includes two other models: ‘British Green Racing’ and ‘Heavenly Script’ each featuring a unique colored face.