Introducing the Klepcys Réveil and Etheral Twin Orbital Tourbillon from Cyrus Genève

One of our favourite independent watchmakers just dropped two new watches.


One of our favourite of the smaller brands at Watches & Wonders Geneva (and in general) is Cyrus Genève. Founded in 2010 by master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, Cyrus Genève creates futuristic watches which have a touch of traditionalism about them. For 2024, two new novelties have been launched.

Klepcys Réveil Ref. 539.502.SS.C

The latest offering from Cyrus Genève is a reimagined version of their first alarm model, making a comeback in 2024 in a more accessible size of 42 mm. What sets this watch apart is its guilloché dial with a unique grenage pattern, a first for the brand. The dial is designed for clarity, with the time and day/night indicator taking the spotlight.

The 24-hour alarm dial overlays the larger time dial. This watch’s alarm function operates on 5-minute intervals but can be set for any 5-minute interval within 24 hours, and the alarm sound itself is generated by a single hammer and gong spring, which are visible through the dial. This is thanks to the in-house-made calibre CYR1280, which is a manually wound movement with a 4Hz beat rate and 72-hour power reserve. It’s controlled via two methods. The 3 O’clock crown sets the time, the alarm time and winds the movement; at 9 O’clock is a pusher which switches the alarm on and off, giving a balanced twin crown look, which the brand is known for. Price on application.

Etheral Twin Orbital Tourbillon

The second novelty from Cyrus Genève is not just a watch, but the beginning of a brand-new collection. This Swiss brand has dedicated over six years of work to create this masterpiece. The watch, measuring 44mm x 16.3mm, is a substantial piece, reflecting the intricate workmanship inside. The case is equally intriguing, being the first round-case watch from Cyrus Genève, and it’s a blend of 4N rose gold and titanium inserts, giving it a contemporary touch.

I mean, if you look at the calibre CYR518-E, which is mostly on display you get the idea that this is modern. Two flying tourbillons power the calibre, and they’re set at a 20-degree angle. The tourbillons also share a base with the hour and minute indicator. The large gold triangle has jumping hours at its centre, and it orbits the dial to indicate the passing of the minutes. The crown at 3 O’clock sets the time precisely and allows for the winding of the movement (which has a 72-hour power reserve indicated on the watch’s backside), while the crown at 9 O’clock is the quick set feature for hours. Cyrus has three patents pending for this movement, one of which is a secure balancing system, which means that this delicate tourbillon/time indication assembly is much less likely to suffer damage from impacts or shocks, but naturally, it’s a trade secret. This piece is limited to 18 examples and the price is on application.

Which of these two is your favourite? Or is there another model from Cyrus Genève’s collection which takes your fancy? Let us know!