Introducing The Sinn DuoFlex Diving Watch Strap System


Have you ever been scuba diving with your diving watch? Have you ever actually used that wristwatch for its intended purpose of surviving down in the murky depths of the ocean with low light and high concentrations of aquatic life? Chances are you haven’t, that means you’re limited to the land (divers can explore 100% of the planet’s surface while you, my landlubber friend, are stuck with just 30%. It also means that you haven’t encountered a problem which most divers have with their diving watches, a problem that Sinn decided needs addressing: that most diving watches aren’t actually all that good at diving.

Before you take to the comments, let me put this into perspective. If you’re a scuba diver, you’ll be equipped with a lot of highly technical equipment which is designed to keep you alive in the most inhospitable environment on the planet. As well as a BCD (buoyancy control device) and breathing tank, you’ll also be lumbered with fins, a regulator and an octopus (the backup regulator) for breathing, a knife and your trusty wristwatch as well. But, to help regulate body temperature, the diver should wear either a wetsuit or a drysuit which expands the diameter of the wrist, this is why diving watches have a diving extension. However, most diving extensions only extend to one set length, so if you have a very thick drysuit (which is thicker than a standard wetsuit anyway), then it is possible your diving extension may not be enough. Enter the Duoflex system from Sinn.

Owners of a 44mm U-Series watch can retrofit Sinn’s extension system to their watch, or it can be specified if purchasing from new. Unique lugs must be attached to the watch for it to work, the strap provided is then cut to length by the owner and one end is hooked over the lug while the other is connected to the clasp. The clasp itself has a diving extension built-in just in case the strap isn’t long enough (or if you cut it without properly sizing it first).

According to Sinn when held in position the hooked strap offers the same security as a regular strap attached with a bar, but this system allows you to quickly swap straps based on the length required for the dive or simply based on which colour you’d like. 

Remember: This will only fit 44mm diameter U models from Sinn.

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