AET REMOULD Unveils Limited-Edition All-Ceramic Watches Inspired By Natural Scenery

AET REMOULD unveils two new watches inspired by iconic sceneries.

AET REMOULD has released new limited edition all-ceramic watch models, inspired by the natural scenery of Bergen and Hawaii. These models continue the brand’s design concept of incorporating local scenery, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for watch lovers. 

The Bergen Sunrise model from AET REMOULD is inspired by the stunning sunrise scene in Bergen, Norway. The surrounding mountains and bays create a beautiful light and shadow effect when the sun rises. The watch captures this moment with a gradient design on the dial, transitioning from pink to purple, resulting in a dreamy and unique aesthetic.

The other new model from AET REMOULD is called “Hawaii Sunset,” which complements the Bergen Sunrise model. The sunset in Hawaii is famous for its unique beauty, thanks to its geographic and climatic advantages. The watch’s dial features a gradient design from yellow to green, capturing the stunning scenery of Hawaii at dusk.

AET REMOULD’s latest Bergen Sunrise and Hawaii Sunset models are part of the “Impression Collection,” which marks the brand’s first use of gradient design in this collection. The brand collaborated with renowned designers to create these unique color schemes, which aim to capture the ultimate beauty of natural landscapes.

The production process for ceramic watches is complicated and requires several transformation treatments such as melting, diffusion, and bonding before the final shaping and polishing. However, ceramics are also challenging to work with due to their brittleness, requiring specialized processing techniques to ensure accuracy and surface quality. Additionally, the precision required for the design and manufacturing of the case and strap is high. Finally, the high hardness and scratch resistance of ceramic materials make it difficult to carry out engraving and detail processing, necessitating advanced laser engraving technology and special processes to achieve desired results.

AET REMOULD invests a significant amount of effort and cost to manufacture its pure white ceramic cases and straps. The brand has studied over 70 program demonstrations and developed advanced high-tech technology that allows technicians to adjust as needed. AET REMOULD’s ceramic material is sintered at over 1400°C to reveal a uniform color, and every line, angle, and bevel is carefully hand-finished to achieve the perfect ceramic texture.

The uniqueness of the design and complexity of the craftsmanship make AET REMOULD’s products rare. The brand’s two new models continue its consistent principle of limited edition, with each model being limited to 12 pieces.

The all-ceramic watch cases and straps are made using a complex manufacturing process that involves sintering at high temperatures and careful hand-finishing. Each model is limited to 12 pieces and will only be available for purchase on the official website for one week starting May 20th. These watches are not just stylish accessories, but also valuable collector’s items due to their rarity and exquisite craftsmanship.