Invicta Acquires Glycine Watches

By Jovan Krstevski

Acquisitions are normal when it comes to running a business so the headline for this article is quite boring but read it again and you’d be surprised what just got acquired. If you’re a Glycine fan then I feel for you but quoting Glycine CEO Stephen Lack, “Glycine will stay Glycine.” I’m not so sure about that since we all know what happens next. For those who don’t know Glycine very much, well this watchmaker is producing automatic Swiss watches at very attractive price points. Note that this is a Swiss brand that pioneers in world-timing aviation watches and they have produced fantastic and historic timepieces over time. I’m not a big fan of Glycine but as to why the sellout, well this is business and watchmaking is a big business so you gotta understand that such decisions aren’t taken lightly by both Glycine and Invicta. I like both so yeah, I have no problem with this acquisition. As far as I know Glycine pretty much brings with it a century of independent watchmaking know-how to the Invicta name.


Invicta itself was a proud family-operated Swiss brand until it sold out to a US-based investment firm back in 1991. Where is Invicta now? Well, it’s still Invicta and a darn good one at what they do best, which is to produce quality watches at low prices. Is this a way for Invicta to get into a new market? Going back to Glycine, I can’t help but remember the famous Airman, yeah Glycine is a pioneer in aviation watches. The airman as we all know it is a rugged timepiece with the ability to track multiple time zones with its unique locking bi-directional 24-hour bezel which at that time was very useful in military applications or more so with business use. Pilots love the Airman and we can still see this watch today with very little changes, now that is a design that truly survives time itself.


Vintage Glycine Airman Watch

Glycine also built the world’s first automatic movement built around a bi-directional winding rotor with the Felsa Bidynator based on Airman platform. This technical know-how allowed Glycine to manufacture automatic watches on a mass scale same with the equal companies of Harwood and Autorist. This is a remarkable legacy for Glycine.


Modern Glycine Airman Base 22 Watches

Also note that Glycine is not really in its purist form when it comes to the hands that managed it. This company was built in 1914 but back in 2014, it was quietly acquired by DKSH, a market expansion group. The goal then was to broaden Glycine’s market particularly the Asian market. Truly this acquisition is merely just business. What the fans don’t like though is Invicta’s past acquisitions. For long time Glycine fans this is a deal breaker but come to look at it, it’s still Glycine as per the CEO’s words. We’ll check on that as long as Invicta doesn’t disrupt the watchmaker’s point of perfection, classic aviation watches in the form of the legendary Airman.
What Invicta does to the equation is very important since this partnership as Lack also understands pertains to the survival of the Glycine brand. Glycine indeed requires a dynamic and modernized brand which is the premise of Invicta’s acquisition. Who knows maybe we’ll see more reinvigorated watches particularly with the Airman, but for me that watch is perfect as it already is. For more info, please visit