Swatch Sistem51 Irony Watch With New Models Now In Steel

By Keith Bombrys

The famed and beloved Swatch Swiss company is looking to expand its collection in the fall of 2016. Most serious watch collectors have heard of the Swatch Sistem51 collection, and these serious collectors will be excited to hear that this particular make is expanding its collection by selling its a new collection made of steel. Swatch is offering six new pieces to the men’s Sistem51 collection and one new piece to the women’s Sistem51 collection as well.


The Swatch Sistem51 collection has been a formidable collection in existence since the middle of 2013. Since then, the watch has grown not only in popularity, but also in variation. The growth started with the Sistem51’s debut in the U.S. stores, after spending a year and a half in foreign markets, for $150. The watch’s expansion to the steel variation is the latest and possibly the greatest move Swatch has brought on to the Ssitem51 series.


Many viewers may be curious about the name of this particular timepiece, in particular, with the number 51 in the name, wondering what the number stands for or what it means. There is great significance to the number 51 with this particular piece; it symbolizes the 51-part movement that makes up the mechanics of the watch. Even in 2013, this held true- amazingly, the mechanics and 51 complex parts are all held together by one single screw and assembled entirely by robots. That alone screams technological impressiveness, especially in the world of precise, handmade, individualized chronographs. The only problem people were finding with the design of this watch from its debut in 2013 and even now is the plastic case that is used on the Sistem51. Good news, Swatch has finally gotten the hint and decided to update its nearly-perfect watch design with the addition of a brand new steel case design. Steady, sturdy, classy, and heavy duty, the steel used to encase these beautiful timepieces is sure to withstand whatever the wearer comes in contact with. As a side note, the innovative thinking at Swatch classes these watches under the Irony collection (get it, they are made of steel, oh the irony…) This isn’t a joke, the name “Irony” is pinned into the steel case of each of the timepieces.


With six men’s and one women’s models in the Swatch Sistem51 collection, every buyer and collector is sure to find the piece that matches their sense of style and personality best. The six men’s designs have their own style name as follows; Sistem Earth, Sistem Boreal, Sistem Soul, Sistem Arrow, Sistem Fly, and Sistem Tux. All of these names are very fitting to the complexion and make-up of each watch; each watch design is very fitting to its name.


Perfectly fitting for the ladies is the Sistem Stalac, which is a steel encased, diamond studded piece stylish enough for every lady. All designs are 42mm wide cases. The mechanics and automatic make-up of this watch is to remain the same as the original Swatch Sistem51 design. The piece has a 90-hour power reserve, has an accuracy of around 7 seconds per day, and runs at a frequency of 3 Hertz. Any of the men’s pieces with a leather strap are set to retail at 180 Euro, any of the pieces with a steel bracelet is set to price 220 Euros, the price of the Sistem Tux is set for 220 Euros, and there is no word yet on the price of the Sistem Stalac. Keep your eyes open and don’t miss out on your opportunity to buy your Swatch Sistem51 Irony Collection piece in the fall. For more info, please visit