Linde Werdelin Launches ‘LW Vintage’

By Keith Bombrys

Linde Werdelin has created its own online platform to sell and feature pre-owned watch pieces. The company has created the platform “LW Vintage,” to feature their vintage watches. Customers are welcome to sell their LW timepieces or even buy a vintage LW timepiece off of the LW Vintage website. The secondary market for Linde Werdelin timepieces has noticeably increased in the recent past, and LW has found a way to easily fulfill their customers’ needs for these timepieces. Buying and selling vintage timepieces has never been so easy, as this process has been made an online endeavor that anyone can partake in. The sales and services department for LW handles the communication between the two swapping parties, and each vintage watch comes to the new owner with a brand new strap of their choosing and a 24-month warranty. Each exchanged vintage piece is hand cleaned and serviced by the professionals at LW.


Some say that this is a crazy idea, but many other say it is a courageous idea. People buy and drive vintage vehicles all the time, so why not take advantage of the vintage timepiece market that has much potential for clients to tap into. Many people would say that being only 10 years in business does not qualify LW for vintage status, but the individual timepieces and the demand for this market speaks for itself when looking at an overview of the LW Vintage program. One of the founders, Jorn Werdelin, explains that the main purpose of this program is to help make it possible for LW watch owners to have their previously owned watches sold by the brand, either to get the feel and wear of some of the brand’s previous timepiece lines, or to earn some money back from the pre-owned value of the piece that would go towards the purchase of their next LW timepiece.

In order to do this service, Linde Werdelin will take the previously owned watch, authenticate the watch, service and replace the strap when needed, and add the previously mentioned 24-month warranty onto the vintage timepiece. The watch is then offered for sale on the LW Vintage page. The seller of any timepiece will be quoted a fee, based on the individual timepiece’s needs. The fee will depend on if the watch needs full service or any services, the wear and tear on the watch, the length of time that the watch has been out of its warranty period, and other minor factors. Jorn Werdelin states that he wants to service the watches as needed, but is against any refinishing work in order to preserve the original condition and patina of the watch and also because of the complex facets and designs on each of his timepieces.


The seller and the buyer in each of these transactions can enjoy a safe buying and selling experience, which is monitored through actual consultants of the website. The buyer of the timepiece will be able to enjoy the full experience of buying and owning the vintage timepiece as if it were brand new, especially when considering the two-year warranty that the buyer will receive upon purchase. Although this concept of buying pre-owned watches is not a new concept by any means, Linde Werdelin certainly has their own unique, personalized twist to the process. The LW Vintage process is great and a new spin on owning any and all forms of LW timepieces. Other larger watch brands will need to adapt to this procedure in order to keep in the market. For more info, please visit

Keith Bombrys – Contributing Writer

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