Mido Introduces The Commander Inspired by Architecture 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

Mido pays tribute to one of the Frenchest icons to ever French.


Last year saw Mido create some limited editions of the Commander model, we’ve covered a lot of Mido watches before, but not those editions. Still, better late than never.

Architecture is one of my favourite topics when it comes to design, it’s very emotive and variable, with so many modern designs excelling in all the right ways. However, sometimes, the classics just can’t be beaten, and there are few classical pieces of architecture that can top the jewel of Paris: the Eiffel Tower.

Completed in 1889 (that’s 133 years ago), the Eiffel Tower is made of a lattice of wrought iron standing 330m high. It was the world’s tallest building for 41 years until it was surpassed by the Chrysler building in 1930. It was also the world’s largest billboard, advertising Citroën cars from 1925 to 1934.

The most obvious sign of the Commander’s inspiration is the marker at 12 O’clock, which is shaped to mimic the silhouette of the Tower. In keeping with the Tower’s industrial design, the dial of the watch is grey with clean hands and applied markers. The brown SuperLumiNova ensures visibility at night. 

Inside the watch is the self-winding Calibre 80 Si, which is also known as the ETA C07.821 or the Powermatic 80. It has a silicone balance spring and a power reserve of 80 hours. The caseback is engraved with an outline of the Parisian skyline and ensures a 50m water resistance.

The 40mm steel case comes with a steel bracelet. 

The watch is limited to 1889 pieces, a reference to the Eiffel Tower’s year of completion. The price is €1420.

Visit Mido here.