Linde Werdelin Releases Two New Classic 3 Timer Watches After Being Dormant For Several Years

By Nikhil Kurmala

Remember the Linde Werdelin Classic 3 Timer? If you don’t, I can’t blame you. Starting at around 4000 euros, the Linde Werdelin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The only reason I stumbled upon the watch was that I was fancying myself a Royal Oak alternative and this was among the few that caught my eye. Classy yet sporty, the Classic 3 Timer was one of their first watches, replacing the previous generation 2 timer. If the Hublot Classic Fusion and the AP Royal Oak had a love child, it would probably look like the 3 Timer.


After remaining dormant for several years, Linde Werdelin has finally announced their brand new Classic 3 timers which comes in two main colourways. The first being in a vibrant ocean blue colour, for when you hit the beach to do a little surfing during the summer. The second being the understated yet the more elegant midnight blue colour, for when you go out for an evening party and you don’t feel like wearing your Omega Seamaster. You know, just because there are too many Bond impersonators. Just like the spirit in which the brand was started, the 3 Timers withstand the beatings from whichever activity from skiing to diving up to 300m. It is also interesting how the textured dial pattern emulates the lines present on the Earth’s longitude and latitude. The name 3-Timer is a reference to its GMT function. Namely the timepieces’ ability to track up to 3 different time zones using the traditional Hours and Minutes hand, the 24 hour rotating bezel, and of course the GMT hand. The watch operates on the smooth winding ETA2893-A2 movement with a power reserve of 42 hours, it is similar to the ones found on many Hamiltons. Hence it is safe to say that the watch is built to take a beating and servicing should not be a problem making it the ideal watch to accompany you overseas.

A commonly overlooked feature of a watch is its strap system. Gone are the days of the never-ending debate whether a Nato strap hurts the spring bar or saves the watch for when a spring bar fails. The Linde Werdelin features a unique strap changing system. With their straps, be it steel or rubber, being equipped with a titanium insert paired with hexagonal screws, you can rest assured that your watch will withstand any obstacle and shock it faces.

3 Timer Ocean

With the watch dimensions coming at 44mm wide and rides 15mm high, the 3 Timer is by no means is a small watch when compared to a traditional 39mm Royal Oak. It will demand attention with its imposing presence. Like any other Linde Werdelin, the 3 Timer can morph into a smartwatch by attaching instruments onto its sides turning a simple ‘tool’ watch into a ‘Swiss army knife’. Both watches will be limited edition with only 33 being produced.

In this day and age where watch brands are rising and perishing quicker than ever, marketing has played a vital role in their survival. Despite Linde Werdelin lacking this, they have still managed to keep afloat in the plethora of brands available. With only about 5000 Linde Werdelin watches in circulation, the chance that you will see one on a wrist is very minuscule. But, if you ever do, be assured that you could have a nice chat about horology with the chap. Visit Linde Werdelin here.