NOMOS Zurich Welzeit Ref 805

NOMOS Zurich Welzeit Ref 805

NOMOS Zurich Welzeit – It’s Friday and usually there is only one thing on my mind, get home, relax and enjoy the weekend. This particular Friday was about getting down to Mappin & Webb, on one of London’s busiest high streets (Regent St.) to get a real good look at the NOMOS Zurich Welzeit (World-Timer) and talk watches.

At first glance, it was amazing how simple this watch appeared; considering it’s a World-Timer. This is credit to the NOMOS design team and their minimalistic yet very functional watch line-up. The Zurich Welzeit feels exceptionally well-built and solid. It has a very nice weight to it, not too light but not too heavy either. Once that leather Horween Shell Cordovan strap is wrapped around your wrist, it has an instant comfortable well-worn feeling to it.

With its in-house ξ (Xi) complication automatic movement, the Zurich Welzeit provides a charming, crisp, clean action. Where it is labelled Heimat (Home) you’ll see  your local time is displayed so, when jet setting you can always keep an eye on the time back home. With a simple press of the pusher above the crown at 2 o’clock, you can easily set the local time of your destination and if your destination becomes a more permanent dwelling, you can conveniently use the hidden pusher at 8 o’clock to quickly set your new home time. The case is 39.9mm polished stainless steel, with sapphire crystal front and back, providing a window into the complication.

With these brilliant functions, you’d think that this would make the Zurich Welzeit expensive but priced at £3620, in my opinion you’re getting an absolute bargain. Yes, it may not be a true World-Timer, as it can only display two simultaneous time-zones and yes, it’s Made in Germany. However, if you didn’t know Glashütte is the home of watch-making in Germany and has been for many a year.

For more info on the NOMOS Zurich Welzeit visit the official site.


Written by Christopher Beccan