Richard Mille RM 63-02 World Timer Automatic Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

When it comes to Richard Mille watches, we are simply talking about innovation and utter dedication to the mastery of the mechanical arts. So without further ado, let us welcome the incredible Richard Mille RM 63–02 World Timer Automatic. As the name suggests, this is the favorite mechanical gadget of the international business travelers. However, no one is stopping you from having one on your wrist that is, if the price point is acceptable to you. For now, I will just talk about the watch without any bias and one thing for sure, this is a damn good one irregardless of the price point or various horology enthusiast’s opinions.


So what is so special about this Richard Mille aside from being a world timer? The answer is simply everything, it is highly innovative and it exhibits the perfect rendition of the technicalities of complicated movements. Well, I am not and for the lack of words, this is an insanely priced watch that is a must for those looking for a fascinatingly refreshing world timer. It is like the Batman of watches considering its choice of materials like grade 5 titanium for superior durability and incredible stability.

At 47 mm, the tough case looks rather large for a world timer but you will definitely forget about its size once you get to know its complicated mechanism that employs innovative ideas. The bezel is not just there to display the 24 time zones, of course, it does but being hardwired to the movement, it does more than just show the specific city’s time. And in order to ensure the watch’s stability, it also sits on ball bearings for comfortable manipulation. You might not be able to pull the crown that features a blue insert for better grip but you will definitely love its advantages like stability underwater plus the pusher looks mighty. Original to Richard Mille, this watch is adorned by 12 spline screws on the case and the round design does not seem so round at all if you count the precise smooth edges of the case which overall has a thickness of 13.85 mm.

Well, there is no dial to talk about since the whole front face is a window to the impressive skeletonized plates and bridges. The hands are the usual RM type sporting large chamfers with straight brush finish and I like the red-tipped seconds hand too. The indexes are printed on the sapphire crystal but don’t worry since you can pretty much read time rather quickly. The date indication at the 12 o’clock is definitely an eye candy too. The overall “dial” looks sporty being covered in black matte finish with polished apertures.


As if you haven’t had enough of admiring the movement, the exhibition caseback reveals the new Calibre CRMA3. It is a self-winding movement using a gold central rotor capable of yielding an impressive 50-hour power reserve. Of course you get what you pay for like baseplate and bridges made of grade 5 titanium protected by electro plasma treatment for maximum rigidity and the usual RM touches like satin-finished surfaces, chamfered edges and diamond polished wheels. Of course, you deserve pretty much the best at $145,000 price point.

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