Wood Time Fashions SJW & KKB Watch Review

By Mark Wisdom Phillips

The Story

Amongst fast paced city life, there was a young man who was stepping back and seeing the big picture. He noticed that everyone around him was living by a schedule and not truly enjoying the life they were living. They seemed stressed as they chased their dreams. Not only this, but there were children out there who didn’t even have the opportunity to chase their dreams. Some were too rushed to be thankful for what they had and some were at a complete stop until someone would help them. This young man decided to not only pursue a dream, but to give back while doing it. He created a wood watch company called WTF (Wood Time Fashion) to do two things: teach people that their initial reaction isn’t always right and to give back to children in need. He is doing these two things by creating a wonderful company with a standout name and by giving 3 books to every child in need for every watch that is purchased. He is doing an excellent job at providing great quality timepieces while giving consumers a whole new perspective.

Packaging and Presentation

“I’m always looking to see that watch companies send their watches to the customer with excellent presentation. I think it adds a great touch by showing they are grateful for their business and respect the customer.” WTF clearly cares about people and trust me, they aren’t leaving you or I out of the deal. They send the watch in a verycool wooden box that is well protected. It’s different from every other watch box I’ve seen and I definitely like it. Based on their website it looks like they handmade these boxes. I may be wrong, but let’s pretend Im right because it’s much more interesting that way!

4 (1)

Just a note…I wrote this short paragraph and then went back over it to catch mistakes and found that I had typed “it’s very cool” three times in one sentence…so maybe you get the point.

Design and Specifications

• 43mm case diameter
• Ebony, sandal, maple woods
• 9mm case thickness
• 20mm band
• Stainless steel clasp
• 51g…super light!
• 12 month warranty
• Citizen Miyota Quartz movement
• Date function

Preface: It’s my personal opinion that the charity work being done with these watches is most important. Secondly is the inspiration that the watches give the buyer. Lastly is the watch itself that we receive because the whole point of this is to be selfless. Don’t get me wrong…these are great watches, but as you read this review please keep charity in mind. Thank you!


The Face

The face of this watch is quite impressive in my opinion. All wood watches usually have thick bezels and small faces, but WTF did well using that space for engraving inspirational quotes…genius and very pertinent! The face has its own character and it’s own story because (obviously) you can’t recreate wood grain at all. The silver hands and markers stand out wellagainst both light and dark woods and are easy to see, although the square markers are not terribly attractive. I always love to see a date window and the magnifier on these watches is perfectly aligned with the date window and it is very clear.

2 (2)

There is a small amount of lume on each of the three hands. It’s so little that it doesn’t seem practical, but if I’m being honest…I don’t think any amount of lume is practical and is usually just ugly. On these watches, though, it makes no difference to me. I’m pleased with the face and without a doubt you will be too. Quick side note…the case overall is extremely thin, which was a worry of mine originally due to it being wood…no worries anymore!

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