BUBEN&ZORWEG One Perpetual Calendar Watch

Published by Pierre-Paul Godts



One Perpetual Calendar

When complexity is transformed into beauty…

The time was ripe: BUBEN&ZORWEG presented the „ONE – Perpetual Calendar“ at the Baselworld 2012, the first ever wristwatch combined with a Time Mover® for hand-wound watches. The grand complication of the perpetual calendar does more than simply thrill passionate watch collectors: it also represents the ultimate reason to develop the TIME MOVER® – HANDWOUND – to enable the perfect care and maintenance of the „Grande Complication“. The first model of the strictly limited edition was recently delivered – much to the joy of the delighted customer.


When complexity is transformed into beauty… The „ONE – Perpetual Calendar“ is the result of the harmonious fusion of this innovative concept with a very elegant design. The House of BUBEN&ZORWEG has made a bold statement in the design of the „ONE – Perpetual Calendar“.

It is an exceptionally fine timepiece with aperpetual calendar as its crowning glory. The complication bestows a high degree of responsibility upon the passionate collector and, even more so, upon the manufacturer. The luxury brand has fulfilled its responsibility by presenting the TIME MOVER® – HANDWOUND whose innovative functionality keeps every hand-wound mechanical watch – and in particular the perpetual calendar -running as smooth as clockwork.


The design is also a breath of fresh air in the segment for exclusive wristwatches and provides a fascinating view of the heart of the „ONE – Perpetual Calendar“: the striking, integrated complication of a perpetual calendar.

The shapely design is not all that will quicken the pace of the passionate watch collector‘s heart: there is also the BZ01-MHO movement, modified by Martin Braun exclusively for BUBEN&ZORWEG.


A power reserve of 156 hours, a silicon escapement wheel and a movement diameter of 39.60 mm are equally worthy of mention. The rear of the watch is dominated by a large power reserve display and a view of the high-quality screw balance.


Managing director Christian Zorweg is particularly pleased about the first-ever delivery of the wristwatch: „The ONE – Perpetual Calendar is characterised by more than its unique design and the complication of the perpetual calendar – the wristwatch from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG fulfils the same high standards that apply to all of our masterpieces of craftsmanship. This is why the luxurious masterpieces from BUBEN&ZORWEG always represent something very special to the passionate collector.“

Passionate collectors who like to wear a work of art characterised by exemplary craftsmanship and unusual design on their wrist will take great pleasure in the first-ever wristwatch from BUBEN&ZORWEG, all the more so as it is delivered together with a TIME MOVER® – HANDWOUND and will therefore always be perfectly maintained and presented.


Technical Specifications
  • Movement BZ01-MHO Manufacture Handwinding movement
  • 46 mm diameter watch
  • 39.5 mm diameter movement
  • 58 Jewels
  • 156 hour Power Reserve and extraordinary large balance wheel
  • 18.000 A/h
  • 312 parts
  • Adjusted in 5 positions
  • DYS Escapement (Dynamized Swiss Escapement)
  • Silicium Anchor
  • Silicium Escapement Wheel
  • Fine Adjustment System
  • Fully settable and adjustable Perpetual Calendar
  • Power Reserve Indicator
  • Balance with screws, made out of Glucydur
  • All wheels made after Geneva Seal Standard with „Moulure“
  • Zyclovente gear teeth


  • Rose gold: 99 pcs.
  • White gold: 99 pcs.
  • Platinum: 49 pcs.



Published by Pierre-Paul Godts