Chopard’s Newest Additions To The Happy Fish Watch Collection

By Cody D. Smith

Chopard has been heavily discussed by the team here at WristReview, so it would be no secret that we are rather excited to introduce a few new additions to their “Happy Fish” collection, which uses aquatic scenery and accents to make for a truly unique design for a watch.

Chopard isn’t conventional by any means, and the Happy Fish is all the reason to believe that. Highlighted with textured mother of pearl, free floating luminescent diamonds (five of them, to be exact), and a fish that retains a ghostly appearance during the day hours only to glow at night thanks to its luminous material as well. A limited production of 250 pieces guarantees some level of exclusivity, that is if a fish-themed watch is something your box seems to be missing, of course.

The final touch to bring this whole thing together is the lovely blue alligator strap that is supplied with the Happy Fish. It matches the theme and color scheme of the dial perfectly. The stainless steel case seamlessly presents this busy dial, which is a great thing when there is so much going on with a watch’s aesthetics around the dial. An automatic movement will power the heart of the Happy Fish.

This isn’t a common watch. Therefore the potential buyer must equally be just as eclectic as the watch itself. I can’t imagine many reasons I would end up wearing a watch like this, but if you can hold an appreciation for fine materials being presented in a decidedly different way, this could be quite the conversation piece in any room you wear it in. For this reason alone, Chopard earns points to design something so off the wall that I’m not entirely sure how to classify it… Is it a beach watch? Is it a dress watch? Do you buy it and it hides in the safe for its lifetime? Again, this is quite a subset that Chopard is aiming for. That being said, I honestly enjoy the look of the Happy Fish for what it is: a
“bling” watch that doesn’t utilize its powers to be overbearing or brash. It finds the right medium and executes the diamond appeal without looking like you don’t know what you want in life… or your watch.

If you are a diehard collector of one-off watches that are different from the rest of the usual crowd, I say check out the new Chopard Happy Fish line. You get world class horology combined with some of the best precious metal work in the industry. You might just find yourself enchanted with ocean blue oddity that is the Happy Fish. Visit Chopard here.