What caught my eyes by looking at your timepieces is the fact that they have a classic look with great definition and that they measure 40mm in diameter. Why did you choose this type of retro design? Do you think the time for very big watches is over?

I have always thought the sweet spot for classic dress watches is 36-42mm and the 38-40mm case being the optimum sizing in the modern era. In the design process we wanted to do something different with the roman numerals. We love watches without roman numerals or numbering but we saw so many doing this with a quartz movement and we wanted to mix it up a bit with a different take on the roman numerals. Most, if not all, watches with roman numerals display them quite differently to our first model and we wanted to make this our point of difference. To add to this we wanted a unique guilloche design that is rarely used to add that level of refinement.

As mentioned earlier, the simplicity and refinement of the Bauhaus movement really inspires us at ERROYL. That is not to say all our watches will be like this but we are passionate about this style. I have always been inspired by some of the great companies in the Glashutte region in Germany and feel these companies are very under-rated compared to their Swiss colleagues. We wanted to bring a touch of Glashutte to our first collection.

I would not say the end is near for big watches but I think it may have seen its peak already in my opinion. Big watches have a considerable amount going for them, they are great for older people that want to be able to have a nice watch but also see the time and we have to also look at the general population who are getting bigger and taller. People now have bigger wrists and they naturally want bigger watches, this won’t disappear but I think the general demand for big watches may have peaked.

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How is Erroyl received by watch enthusiasts? Do you already have enough of an idea of the interest in your brand?

I think we have been received quite well but time will tell. We went with the Miyota Cal. 9015 movement in our first collection and as a long-term forum lurker I have seen a lot of plaudits for this movement. This was part of the inspiration to go with this in our first release.

We are developing a real fan base in Germany which is very humbling as they are the home to some wonderful brands and we have had quite some coverage on the uhrforum.de website. We have had coverage in a number of online forums, including European, Russian and the biggest forum to my knowledge watchuseek.com which is very encouraging for such a new brand as ours. Feedback to us directly and on the forums has been very positive and we have seen some great ideas and suggestions. What has impressed us is the level of customisation that some people have done with straps, that has given us a few great ideas for the future.

Is there anything you would like to highlight for the WristReview readers related to your current models?

Well, I would like to thank your readers for their interest in our brand. We know a number of the backers on Kickstarter are regular readers of Wristreview.com and their support along with many others has helped us get to this point where we are finalising our second collection.

For the first timer who is just reading about ERROYL for the first time, I would like to let them know that we are committed to creating refined, elegant and timeless automatic watches at an affordable price. We hope tried to set the bar high with our first release, right down to our extensive packaging and we will continue to innovate but keep our watches accessible on pricing.

Let’s talk now about the future and your various market. As your brand is really young, which are your biggest markets currently?

Our biggest markets currently are the United States, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands and Sweden.

We are seeing our fastest growth in the European market at the moment and increasing interest from all regions led by the United States and Australia where we have had considerable local coverage of late.

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