Introducing ERROYL Timepieces

By Jovan Krstevski

There’s a new kid in the block and it’s Erroyl, a Kickstarter campaign. The company is sporting Heritage Collection of elegant and value timepieces. The price is right for a daring display of prestige and from the looks of their watches, they really have a good future on this endeavor. Basically saying, the company wants to bring the prestige of high-end watches which marks the refined elegance only enjoyed in high-end timepieces to the general public. I must say, I can’t wait to try one of their watches to see if they are going to meet my expectations.

I have always been fascinated by greatly designed watches and there’s a reason why some watches are priced greatly because of their quality and enduring presence in the horology world. I like to think of Erroyl in a neutral ground. Trying to capture elegance and prestige in a low price is such an ambitious plan and honestly I’m excited to see how it goes for them.

ERROYL Timepieces

For their campaign, the company is launching three models on the Heritage Collection. I must say that they look good and quite amazing for such a low price. The timepieces are E30 Heritage Black, E30 Heritage Rose and E30 Heritage White.

Now to go to the details, I’d like to go from the bottom up this time.

E30 Heritage Rose

The straps are obviously different for each model since they go by their names in terms of color only. Nonetheless aside from the difference in color, the straps are made of alligator grain genuine leather with a 20mm tapering to 18mm strap. Personally, they look classy.

E30 Heritage White

Let’s go for the case. All models feature 40mm 316L marine grade stainless steel. In order to keep them elegant, the choice of 40mm case is a very good idea. The height is quite thin at 10mm for an elegant watch. There is also 20mm lug spacing which is quite in unison with the smooth lines of the overall design of the watch. The bezel is really smooth as well as the side of the case completely hugging the crown as part of it and not alienating it making for a really impressive design. The case back is also transparent giving a glimpse of its remarkable movement.

E30 Heritage White

The dials are quite candy on the eyes. They go with the overall design of each model. The choice of Dauphine hands is really bringing out the intended sun ray effect on the dials for each model. Common to high end elegant watches is a clean design on the dial and Erroyl got it right by using simple hands design with matching neat roman numerals. In my opinion, reading time is easy on these watches. The case is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal in both front and back featuring flat crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside.

E30 Heritage White

The watches are powered by automatic and hand winding Japanese Miyota Cal. 9015 featuring hacking effect which is handy for precision time adjustment. It also comes with over 42 hours of power reserve and is also water resistant up to 50m.

E30 Heritage Black

The packaging is a bit exuberant with luxury leather display box and a trademark ERROYL booklet.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign and buy your piece.


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