Introducing The New Hublot Big Bang Unico Green SAXEM 42mm Watch

This watch isn't a political statement, but it could've been one.


Recently, we covered the release of Hublot’s new MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System Titanium, and the responses in the comments have been quite positive about it, surprisingly, so almost. Let’s see if one of their other new watches fairs as well with you readers. It’s another transparent creation from Hublot, and this time, the case is green.

We’re used to seeing green dial watches now, especially as being green and eco-minded are big topics in all aspects of our lives at the moment (anyone from the “electric cars suck” army here?). I don’t think this watch is specifically meant to be spreading the message of climate change, although I do wonder how energy and resource intensive watchmaking is in general. If anyone’s reading this and would like to help me find that out, get in touch.

What’s different about this watch, apart from the colour, is the case material. The clue is in the name, it’s called the Big Bang Unico Green SAXEM 42mm. SAXEM is an anagram of ‘Sapphire Aluminium oXide and rare Earth Mineral’. So, it is very similar to sapphire crystal, but according to Hublot, the use of SAXEM means that the colour of the case is much more obvious and eye-catching than if it were to be some kind of coloured sapphire crystal, that’s thanks to the use of rare earth elements (although Hublot doesn’t state what those elements are). I think this material needs a bit more studying, but I haven’t had any coffee yet.

Apart from this special case, the watch is similar to the other Big Bang Unico chronograph watches that we’ve seen. The case is big and sporty, measuring 42mm across. Hublot also hasn’t provided me with a lug-to-lug measurement, but these watches tend to wear a little bigger thanks to their proprietary quick-change strap system, which uses seatbelt-esque buttons on the case. The water resistance of this model is 50m.

The dial layout is the same as ever with these watches, you get a 60-minute chronograph and also a date window. The fact that there isn’t a dial plate as such, it just backs onto the movement, adds visual character here; we like the way Hublot does its Unico Chronograph watches, and this one is no different in this sense. It’s also easier to read in person, we’d say, but you should check it out for yourself.

Inside the case is the calibre HUB1280 UNICO movement which is made in-house by Hublot. If you’re a fan of tech specs then this one is well equipped indeed. As well as its 4Hz beat rate, it has a 72-hour power reserve; it also has a chronograph, which is a column-wheel type with a flyback function; the clutch for this mechanism is visible on the dial side as well. The black PVD finishing on the components is nice, although I do think it’s time for Hublot to step up its decoration game, but that’s just me.

This new Hublot doesn’t appear to be a limited edition piece, but I’d imagine that it’s instead limited by the complexity of the SAXEM case’s production methods. It’s also pricey at $116,000, but this is by no means an ordinary watch. As I said in the last Hublot piece, when they go mad with their designs they create some cracking watches.