Introducing The New Skin Irony Watch Collection From Swatch

By Cody D. Smith

Swatch has always been the standard for Swiss made quartz watches, and for good reason. Most recent to their catalog is the brand new Skin Irony Collection, a modern watch that has been infused with classic inspiration to give them a vintage and timeless look and feel. Standing at a mere 5.8mm high, Swatch’s thinnest creation has been made with metallic materials as opposed to the plastic we are all familiar with when we imagine Swatch.

The Skin Irony Collection will come in a variety of choices. Everything from the all gold “SKINLINGOT” to the casual yet classic tones of black and brown on the “SKINBRUSHED”, there is surely something here for anybody to choose from. The collection has taken a focus on what it hopes will be a future classic, utilizing minimalistic style with sleek and elegant case lines.

The idea behind the Skin Irony Collection was explained best by Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch’s creative director. Giordanetti said, “It stands for a new generation of understated, minimal yet sophisticated design language; a contemporary style signifier, a sensual pleasure for the eyes and for the touch, a way to discreetly yet remarkably affirm one’s own taste and personality.”

The Skin Irony Collection will be something for those of you who wish to gain access to a Swiss made timepiece while not spending all of one’s paycheck. They will be lightweight and hold a very low profile, best for the enthusiast who enjoys a small, elegant, and well put together quartz watch.

In closing, the Skin Irony Collection from Swatch is a gateway for the company, in a way. They are focusing more and more energy towards designing watches that will be popular amongst the next generation of watch wearers, and this newest addition suits the role perfectly. If you or anybody you know has a heart for minimalistic styling in a watch from the world’s best-recognized quartz watch manufacturer, then one of the selections from the Skin Irony Collection may be a viable choice to look into. For more info, visit Swatch online.