Introducing The Nomos Glashütte Doctors Without Borders USA and UK

By Jovan Krstevski

I have always been fascinated by German engineering; these guys really know how to make mechanical wonders. Most importantly, I too, support what NOMOS Glashütte stands for. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the watchmaker is simply the face of a charity work helping the Doctors without borders. They have been supporting the Nobel Peace Prize winning organization’s humanitarian aid efforts, the Doctors Without Borders through fundraising, matching with precise ingenuity the efforts of these noble individuals through powerful timepieces.

uk gehäuse

This particular timepiece has six limited edition variants although I wouldn’t call it too big of a difference since we’re just seeing difference in size and straps, the underlying technology and design is the same for all models although it does try to answer the subtle changes that people look for.

Remember that this watch tries to balance the prestige and honor of the organization being supported through mechanical monuments and I’m not surprise how the minimalism of the watch truly shines and gives that distinct feeling of being part of something great. It’s quite exciting having to wear something that you’ve been indirectly made part of. Yes, the watch you buy supports the fundraising campaign and no matter how small, you’ve given something valuable.

Enough said, let’s go and examine the watch. It truly stands for the principle of minimalism, there’s not a lot of extra bells and whistles to see but the time alone and the elegance that knows no bounds much like the undying philosophy of the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

gehäuse u.k.

The stainless steel case varies in sizes; 35 mm x 6.6 mm, 32.8 mm x 6.55 mm, 33 mm and 38 mm in diameter for the classic Tangente, 32.8 mm x 6.55 mm and 37.5 mm x 6.75 mm. I particularly vie for the classic Tangente since they have this robust appeal although it may just be an illusion of grandeur because if you look close enough, it’s just the difference in size. The design of the bezel, crown and the utilitarian lugs seem to embody the core principle of being efficient and humble, a tribute to the MSF. The sapphire crystal glass makes sure that everything is sealed and supports water resistance to 3 atm.

NOMOS has always been great in creating fantastic timepieces and this 6-edition watch is not an exemption. The galvanized dial looks utilitarian but at the same time elegant and robust. The distinctive red 12 o’clock highlights the connection with MSF, it’s a watch for life. Under the 6 o’clock is the minimalist inscription of “Doctors Without Borders.” Another subtle connection is the utilization of black oxidized hands which gives the watch an even more honorable identity.

What powers the watch is the NOMOS caliber with manual winding α (Alpha) movement. Its power is subtle but minimal. The sapphire crystal glass back gives a glimpse of the powerful movement. The straps differ in all editions; Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan and velour leather. Fascinatingly stylish and the minimalist design showcase how simplicity reflects humility and elegance in a precise subtlety, much like the MSF.

To sum it up, what differentiates the 6-limited edition timepiece from its mainline counterparts are the red 12, black oxidized hands and the inscription of “Doctors Without Borders” under the 6. For more info, please visit


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