Seiko Prospex Limited Edition Landmonster SRP577K Watch Review – A Refreshing Design

By Meor Amri Meor Ayob

Seiko recently launched a limited edition Prospex Landmonster for the global market. Like most Landmonsters, it comes with a compass bezel with bi-directional movement. The only complication is a unique date window that shows five continuous dates instead of one. In fact, I must say that it got its design cues similar from an aircraft’s instrument panel. Pity as Bell & Ross beat them to it already. Now Seiko will have to live with the speculation that they copied Bell & Ross.

I sourced this watch in one of the ADs in Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur. The list price is around 380USD but you are able to get some discount from them. After doing the necessary paperwork, I walked out of the store with this box.

As you can see from the white sleeve box, the logo as well as the “LIMITED EDITION” banner is printed prominently on it.

The watch is under the professional sports series ‘Prospex‘ range and the box does reflect the premium of this range. The main watch box is slightly smaller than the sleeve box. Also in white, it does not have the “LIMITED EDITION” banner printed on it. The extra space available in the sleeve box is used to store the manual as well as the guarantee booklets which are relatively thick.

The manual given is not used specifically for this watch. It is more of a general manual booklet that is designed to instruct owners of a few models. In this particular case, watches with the automatic caliber movements of 4R35, 4R36 4R37, 4R48 or 4R39.

Seiko provide only a one year international warranty for its watches.

The main watch box does not use a hinge. Instead, the top opens away revealing the SRP577K. The watch rests on a large cushion in an all black velvety interior. There is nothing else apart from this two items.

On the lip of the main box is printed the “LIMITED EDITION” banner plus the ‘Seiko’ brand.

At this point, I will like to discuss about the ‘Limited Edition’ concept that Seiko useon this watch. Unlike typical limited edition watch which has a numbering convention similar to “Number X of XXXX” or “1 of XXX“, Seiko chose to have it unnumbered. As I am writing this review, I still do not know the exact number that Seiko have earmarked for production for this particular model.

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