Introducing The TRAVISLEON Heirloom Timepiece

By Jovan Krstevski

I’ve had a good run with many Kickstarter projects lately and the Travisleon’s Heirloom timepiece is an interesting project to note. It always amazes me when likeminded individuals collide and give birth to wonderful ideas. Horology after all is a matter of discipline and art and the founders of Travisleon have an ambitious idea of bringing luxury to affordable watches. Affordable luxurious timepieces – do they even exist and if they do, are they really worth it? Join me as I discover the nitty-gritty of the Travisleon’s Heirloom timepiece.


The 40mm Rose Gold PVD-IP case made of 316L Steel is a good start for the Heirloom. If you want to look classy and luxurious, the sensible choice is either the subtle stillness of stainless steel or the quiet elegance of gold which have both withstood the tests of time. I like the simplicity of the case of the Heirloom.


I’m not a big fan of colored cases but the rose gold case of the Heirloom speaks for itself. The lugs and the bezel are neatly designed and the 10mm thickness of the case ensures both luxury and comfort at the same time. For me that’s a great accomplishment.


The Heirloom comes in four models although they only differ in the color of the cases and the dials which brings us to the dials. There are four iterations of the dials but really there are only two; the enamel-coated white or black velvet dials. When combined with steel and golden cases, the magic of the dial works. The overall dial’s design is simple and classic which are luxurious timepiece’s properties.


I dislike too much branding and the removal of useful features such as the seconds markers which fortunately are not made with the Heirloom. However, I understand why the founders put the date at the 6 o’clock position, it goes as an natural element with their dial layout.

The Heirloom is powered by an automatic and handwinding 24 jewels customized Japanese Miyota 9015 movement which is an exceptional choice. I don’t expect Swiss made movements here especially when the goal is affordability and luxury. The movement is superb and the founders have gone to great lengths to ensure that the movement functions well according to their design.

It features 42 hours power reserve, hacking seconds, balance staff shock absorber and the customized rotor with Rose Gold PVD-IP and Geneva-Pattern engraving. That’s a lot of fine power for an affordable timepiece. The movement is displayed through the 6-screws exhibition caseback and it is also 30m water resistant.

Of course all luxurious watches use fine leather straps so the Heirloom’s 20mm Genuine croc-grain leather with engraved tang buckle is an interesting choice. The overall effect of the strap to the Heirloom’s looks is well-balanced. It doesn’t scream for attention although they provide an extra fine calf leather; fortunately, replacing the straps is quite easy with the spring bar tool which includes in the package. For more info, please visit

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign and buy your piece.


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