Introducing Watchisthis?! Magazine

By WristReview

As with any watch enthusiast, we are in constant search of information to feed our passion. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes complicated to find the right information about quality, affordable watches except for here on WristReview.

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Dedicated to watches priced below $2,500, Watchisthis?! is all about high quality watches and personal expression with a more affordable price tag and that’s really great as we don’t have all the possibility to buy a watch with a price tag in the five digits.

Watchisthis?! explores the vast world of affordable watchmaking, providing new and fresh insights, interesting editorials, new innovations, and above all a lot of watches! From Kickstarter brands to big watch companies, everything is in this new magazine.

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Written with true passion by well-known watch journalists and industry insiders, Watchisthis?! is the magazine you must have in your collection. Their knowledge allows them to take a perspective on each topic they feature that is not only interesting and entertaining for readers but also allows the watch to show what it has to offer.

Thanks to Watchisthis ?! Magazine we go into this fascinating world, where the brands and watchmakers have an extra challenge to cope with: their watches need to be affordable to a larger group of people. That often results in innovative approaches and creates watches that people cannot only admire, but also afford.

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We can only advise you to join the Watchisthis?! community on Facebook and, of course, to subscribe for free to their digital magazine. Because yes, even if the magazine will also see the light in the print version, the digital version will always be free!

The first issue will be published quite soon so it’s time to subscribe directly to be first to know when it will be there. The other nice thing is that they have some really cool stuff in their launching giveaway action.



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