Konstantin Chaykin Wristman Stargazer Only Watch 2023

Konstantin Chaykin unveils their most complex 'Wristman' watch ever!


Some might say that most of Konstantin Chaykin’s model range is the same watch over and over, but that’s quite unfair, and Audemars Piguet gets away with it just fine. Yes, the goofy faces on the watches are their most unique selling point, but they’ve been interpreted in so many different ways over the years that we wonder if they ever will run out of things to do with it.

This unique piece is actually the most complex “Wristman” ever, with no fewer than 16 complications displayed across two dials from the calibre K.22-1. On the front, the watch shows the following:

Time, split into hours and minutes in the eyes

24-hour time

Day of the week (retrograde)

Length of the day

Length of the night

Current zodiac

Equation of time

Sidereal time

Celestial chart

That’s a lot of information, but there’s even more stuff on the back, like:

A tourbillon

Disk moonphase

Three-dimensional moonphase (called the discrete moonphase here)

Solar activity cycle display

Sunrise azimuth indicator

Sunset azimuth indicator

You’d imagine that this is a bulky thing with all that going on, but it’s still 42mm in diameter and the lugs are hinged so they swing downwards.

Konstantin Chaykin’s watches have been favourites of the Only Watch auctions for years, and this new most-complex-one-ever-watch will certainly continue that trend. The 150,000 – 220,000 CHF expected price seems a little meagre today.