Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Chronograph ETNZ Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

If there is something novel about the new Seamaster’s watch, it has to be the affordable price. Wait, what? Omega affordable diver’s? Does it even exist? Well, fans of Seamaster as well as the professionals who have more inclinations to prefer value yet high-grade watches than crazy priced collectible watches, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Chronograph ETNZ is the new star in the block. Where it shines is what it is designed for. I have stated several times that when two kick-ass companies cooperate, it always leads to creative ideas. In this case, it is the cooperation between the Omega and ETNZ for the 35th America’s Cup. If you are rather well-versed with Omega’s releases such as the powerful yet elegant Planet Ocean 600m, the remarkable Ploprof 1200m or the classic 300 Master Chronometer with vintage inspiration, you know that they come with a hefty price but to those who can afford, it’s all worth it and more. Nonetheless, to cut to the chase, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m ETNZ is a darn head turner. It is everything that a professional will love and if you are into sailing, you will love this even more.


So what’s new? Nothing much except a little bit of subtle retouches. Personally, it has something to do with being more sporty and absolutely robust. The new seamaster can also be called a Regatta watch because of its 5-minute countdown timer. For the uninitiated, the 5-minute counter is the most important function of a Regatta or Yachting watch because it marks the start of the race. The 44mm case is a standard for a diver’s watch ensuring marine stability. The case brings with it all the signatures of Omega watches minus the materials used. The case is made of brushed grade 2 titanium and the bezel features ceramic inserts with numeral counters. The overall case has a matt finish which is kind of useful when you’re out there in the waters.


The dial looks more robust by utilizing sand-blasted titanium resulting to a grayish color. It improves readability because of contrast and this is mostly experienced by the professionals. If you look closer at the dial, you’ll see that it’s pretty much simple. There is the hour counter at the 6 o’clock, the small running second at 9 and the regatta or minute counter at the 3. The date is unobtrusively shown at the 6 with somehow an extra large print compared to the other markers. To signify urgency and particularly fun during sporting events, the dial is littered with red highlights.


Power is provided by the Co-Axial calibre 3330, which is a movement with an Si14 silicon balance spring and column wheel for the chronograph. You can’t see it behind the caseback since it features the brand’s label and the team’s emblem, after all, it’s a limited edition watch. The strap is designed with functionality in mind using rubber with a folding buckle and it also features two distinct faces, black and ribbed front and the red with a sail pattern inner face for smooth water flow under the strap. For more info, please visit



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