Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200M Co-Axial Watch ref. – You Can Try To Abuse It But It Will Still Keep Ticking Merrily


First of all I must say that this rubber strap from Omega could have been one of the best I have even worn. Prior to this, I used to say the rubber strap on my Victorinox Dive Master Black Ice watch was the best. It is thick, comfortable, not sticky and odorless rubber strap. The PloProf is so much similar. The sides of the strap have horizontal ribs that help make the strap more pliable. The words “OMEGA” and “PLOPROF” in raised lettering on opposing sides makes sure everyone knows the pedigree this watch was spawn from. Unfortunately, what is required to be done to it before we can use the watch is, in my humble opinion, pure vandalism.

The strap comes with a clasp system plus a diver’s extension mechanism. Therefore, I don’t see the reason why Omega should attach a strap that could fit a 12-inch wrist in the first place. If it comes in a buckle system, than it is possible that someone (don’t ask me why) would need that kind of size to fit it on his legs or other parts of his or her anatomy (please don’t go there!).

Although Omega provides nice indentations and numbered cutting marks on the inside of the strap for fitting, the fact is, once cut, it is permanent and not reversible. Even the salesperson was apprehensive when making the cut. She had to ask me three times how I would like to wear the watch (tight – if so, how tight? loose – if so, how loose?). The watch came in and out of the little workshop at the back of the store about four times. She dared only to make incremental cuts. I bet it was more stressful for her than it was for me.

The big deployant clasp is pure engineering art. The etching on it is beautiful and captures the essence of the watch. The engravings are filled with black paint (or lacquer) to give that extra contrast. The bigger size clasp also balances the watch casing proportionately.


It opens via two push buttons that squeeze two spring-loaded bows. It closes with a firm click and opens quietly. What is underneath the clasp is perhaps the most ingenious design for a diver’s extension I have seen. Made from solid milled pieces of steel, the ratcheting micro-extension system allows you to extend the clasp in small increments outwards an extra 22 mm.  Inside the clasp is a button marked “PUSH” which releases the extension. To top it all, in addition to the ratcheting extension, there is also a fold-out dive extension which becomes operable once the ratcheting part is extended about half-way and this gives an additional 26 mm to the strap. In total, you can extend the strap by a full 48 mm. Most impressive.


I am actually quite pleased that Omega decided to have a deployant clasp for this watch instead of a simple buckle system. This offers a secure way to put on this watch (necessary for a heavy watch) as it may accidentally slip out of your hands while fiddling with a buckle system.

Inside the PloProf is an in-house Omega made caliber 8500 automatic Co-Axial Escapement Chronometer movement. The 8500 is a pretty good movement which operates at 28,800 beats per hour, has a long power reserve of 60 hours (two mainspring barrels) and the ability to advance the hour hand independently to account for time zone changes without having to hack the minute and second hands (which was explained earlier).  The movement is allegedly decorated beautifully though you can’t see it (a pity).

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