Introducing Peren Watches

By Jovan Krstevski

It’s not often that elegant watches come right out of public campaigns. Indeed, times have changed and as it becomes easier to collaborate with likeminded folks out there, plenty of opportunities are grabbed by the lucky and able-minded few. There is something about Peren watches that I like, the idea of direct purchases from the company right to your wrists; simply fantastic as there is no need to navigate to the stores and look for bargains or deal with a rude salespeople, not all though since stores that sell high end watches employ top notch salespeople. Nevertheless, the idea is focused on convenience and it shaves quite a sizable amount from transaction fees making the price of the Peren watches terrifically low.

No wonder what it says on their Kickstarter page, “The Swiss Quality Bargain.” I mean for the life of me, how is it even possible to build something as complicated as what the startup has envisioned to accomplish? Truly it takes a leap beyond hope, these people know what they are doing and I recognize their expertise as clearly shown in their timepieces. The backers are quite thin for now compared to their goals but I bet this one is going to make a lot of money from likeminded investors.

Aside from the idea of Direct-to-consumer strategic advantage leading to unmatched affordability of the watches compared to other watches on the same level, the assembly is really remarkable, sign of high quality craftsmanship. Oh and by the way, the group is made up of young professionals with Transylvanian roots. Their branding is denoting everlasting timepieces and the logo is very symbolic, it’s the teeth of Dracula and why would they do that for their watches, haven’t I mentioned their ancestors were from Transylvania?

The features of Peren watches are heavily loaded for the price, the cases are made of stainless steel 316L, top of its kind that comes in 10mm, 20mm and 40mm. The chronograph is of course utilized from Swiss made Ronda 5030D Startech Chronograph Movement with 13 Jewels. You can have this in such a low price, because the company literally designed their own dynamics of product distribution costs.

The watches are using hardened crystal mineral which is amazingly also top of the line. The dials are great looking, elegant and cleanly designed. They used black metal dial with super-luminova hands for night readability. The overall designs are simplistic and very clean. The strap is made of genuine leather with double layered contrast stitches.

Peren Watches

There are a few models made already namely; Classic Chrono Black, Classic Chrono Black Military Edition, Classic Chrono Gold and Classic Chrono Black S. These are sold at incredibly low prices. There’s a lot of growth for this startup company and personally, I’d like to see their success. Their principle is very simple, to empower ordinary individuals with excellent timepieces without shelling too much bucks for the same quality present in other high-end watches.

These watches are inspired by aviation technologies so it kind of feels great to have a powerful device strapped on your wrist just like being mesmerized by the roars of the powerful planes that inspired the creators of Peren watches.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign.


Jovan Krstevski – Founder, Proprietor & Executive Editor

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