Pre-Baselworld 2015: Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic & Grey Ceramic Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

When two distinct companies start polling resources, get ready to be surprised. Hublot launched its very first Big Bang series in 2005 with the Bib Bang Titanium and Big Bang Magic. We all know how it turned out, positively for everyone to enjoy. Most horology fans are simply delighted by Hublot’s amazing breakthrough of 50-day power reserve watches. That’s a feat worthy of anyone’s recognition. I don’t know about you but I’m willing to spend thousands just to have a piece of this amazing technology.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 2015

For the 10th anniversary of the Big Bang watches, Hublot has unveiled two amazing additions with Ferrari’s help, the Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic and the Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic. Your intuition is damn right to the very core, these watches are crazy, mind you I’m getting jitters just by talking about it, it’s not all the time Ferrari reinvents horology. Racing is written all over the new Big Bangs, and the presentation is simply exuberant.

HUBLOT - Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic & Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic 1

The new Big Bang models come in 45 mm diameter case which we all know is the necessary form factor to maintain rigidity or achieve maximum durability. The elongated push buttons made of titanium and rubber on the case resembles a car’s pedal. With one glance, it’s like you’re looking at a complete car with steering shaft, instrumentations and pedals. Pardon me, but I love this watch, I like racing and Ferrari’s DNA is all over the new Big Bangs. If you look behind the transparent sapphire case-back, you’ll see a glimpse of the oscillating weight reminiscent of the five-spoke Ferrari wheels.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic 2015

The dial is where the magic touch of Ferrari is concentrated. The two models are particularly unique because of their inspirations. The Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic sports the legendary red colors of Ferrari. It’s elegant, striking and simply robust while the Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic is inspired by the historic NART livery. Think about symbolism and hands-on approach, Ferrari is willing to continue share its legendary history with Hublot. Ferrari on my wrist courtesy of Hublot.

HUBLOT - Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic & Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic 2

Nonetheless, what gives the Big Bangs a refreshing look is the new enhancement to the profiled aerodynamic dial through which the amazing movement can be viewed. There’s the iconic prancing horse at 9 o’clock, didn’t I tell about sharing legends, well this is it. The minute counter and the date window appear at the 3 o’clock presented in Ferrari’s colorful shield. The lines on the dial are robust and there’s no freaking way you’re going to miss any turns. The curves and the dial surface are just magnificent proving that the designers indeed graciously spent precious hours on this watch. When it comes to engineering, it’s spot on. The indices and hands feature a rhodium-plated finish for the grey ceramic and red varnish for the black ceramic.

Power is provided by the in-house HUB 1241 Unico movement featuring an automatic flyback chronograph capable of lasting up to 72 hours, that’s a step-up to the already incredible 50 day power reserve.

The sporty strap says it all; black rubber and Schedoni leather grey with black and white stripes on the Grey Ceramic and black rubber, red Schedoni leather with blue and white stripes on the Black Ceramic. The straps complete with satin-finished titanium clasp simply reflect the aesthetics of the dial yielding a consistent appearance.

The new Hublot Big Bangs are indeed great additions to a marvelous timepiece engineering. For more info, please visit


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