Introducing The New Seiko Cocktail Time Star Bar SRE014 & SRPK75 Watches

Seiko introduces a "His and Hers" pair of watches, a style of release which is fading out these days.


In a familiar fashion, Seiko’s slew of releases for 2024 has begun in earnest. We recently covered the new all-black Prospex Turtle model and there has been at least one new Grand Seiko piece as well, and now we’re about to check out two new additions to Seiko’s Presage Cocktail Time collection. The Cocktail Time watches have been inspired by the cocktail culture of Japan, which is world-renowned. The colourful dials and sleek cases of the Cocktail Time watches are sure to accentuate the mood set in Japan’s finest bars.

The newest watches are ‘his and hers’ models inspired by the cocktails served in Star Bar, which is based in Tokyo’s Ginza district and is owned by award-winning bartender Hisashi Kishi. 

Pinky Twilight SRE014

The first watch we’re looking at is the smaller of the two, the Pinky Twilight SRE014. This is intended as a women’s watch and, therefore, has dimensions to match with a 30.3mm x 10.9mm case made from stainless steel and plated in gold. The watch’s water resistance is 50m.

The dial is eye-catching with a gentle gradient to it accentuated by the wide bands that span the dial’s width. It seems to start at a peach colour and then get more intense the further down you go, a subtle but noticeable difference to the usual colour gradients we see on watches, which start in the middle of the dial and fade out around the edges.

Beneath the dial is Seiko’s in-house made 2R05, which has a 3Hz beat rate and a 41-hour power reserve. Presented on a brown calfskin leather strap, this watch is limited to 5000 examples and will cost €590.

Purple Sunset SRPK75

The other of the two watches is the Purple Sunset SRPK75, the “man’s” watch. I use quotation marks as these days most manufacturers have realised their watches appeal to all kinds of genders and thus have moved away from the old “Men’s watches & Women’s watches” model. This watch is much larger than the other model at 40.5mm x 11.8mm. Despite this, it still has a Hardlex crystal and a screw-down caseback, like the SRE014, and has a water resistance of 50m.

The gradient from top to bottom is easier to make out on the Purple Sunset SRPK75, it clearly starts out as dark navy blue, crossing into purple in the middle and then moving towards red at the bottom. While the case on this one isn’t gold-plated, the hands and markers appear to be (or are at least gold-coloured).

Behind the dial is the in-house-made calibre 4R35; it’s another of Seiko’s in-house movements, and it shares the 3Hz beat rate and a 41-hour power reserve of the 2R05 in the SRE014. It’s presented on a brown calfskin leather strap as well and is limited to 9000 examples, the price of this one is €560, probably owing to the lack of gold plating on it.

Overall, these are both attractive watches which we think people will love to share a drink or two with, although I do wonder why Seiko is making so many more of the SRPK75. Both watches will be available to purchase from February of this year.