Pre-Baselworld 2017: Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horograph & Horolum Watches

By Keith Bombrys

For those of us looking for that “Wow!” timepiece of 2017, the look ends here. Originality, creativity, and style are the backbone to the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horograph and Horolum watches coming to us during Baselworld in 2017. This French-based brand took the German’s minimalist design timepieces and made them their own. Both the Horograph and Horolum makes are top of the line and designed for the modern watch wearer. Buyers beware of the terms Horograph and Horolum, as both are only made up terms which signify the instrumentality of the watch and the geometry of the piece. Looking at the two phrases, we can see that “Horo”  refer to hours, or time in Latin.

This 43mm designed piece is made almost as if it is a part of the human wrist. The size of this piece doesn’t feel like your typical 42mm wristwatch. The square and flat design of this piece gives the wearer the feeling that this piece is just an extension of their wrist. The steel casing on both of these pieces is significant not only for the overall feel of the piece, but also for the functionality, durability, and style of both pieces as well. This casing is great for the 100m of water resistance that the piece offers, as well as the pieces 38 hours of accurate power reserve.

The dial and display of both pieces are very modern and functional for those who still like to actually “read” the time off of the watch. Both show the date in a small window in between 4 and 5 o’clock. The Horograph has a black dial, with white lettering on the face and black and white hands. The Horolum has a silver face with neon-green colored numbers that glow in the dark and silver and neon colored hands. Both pieces have the inscribed Bell & Ross logo on the face, just below 12 o’clock. The Horolum will have a hand-stitiched, silver colored, leather strap, which sets the piece distinctly apart from its competitors. The Horograph will have a black, BR, rubber coated matte colored strap to really bring out the face and display of the piece.

Both will be released as luxury pieces, which we all know what this means for the price tag of each. Considering that, the price of both pieces isn’t really too bad. Both will have a release price of $3,400.00, which is fairly affordable for most, one of a kind, luxury, functional wrist watches. Look for both of these watches at Baselworld 2017. Buyers, be on the lookout for these pieces when they are finally released to the public for sale. For more info, please visit