Raymond Weil x Marshall Limited Edition Tango Chronograph Watch


Why do we wear watches? One might say its scratches represents vital moments in their lives. Other might also say watches are a form of self-expression, wearing watches that are Automotive inspired, such as McLaren with Richard Mille, all the way to clothing inspired watches, such as Berluti with Tag Heuer. No matter what the reason for the homage, a watch holds a special connection with us and is one of the few things we hope to pass down from generation to generation. Aside from watches, one music taste also tends to stay within a family. If you were born in a house with a Piano or a guitar, you might have grown up learning how to play one. Music, like watches, is timeless and has to power to make us who we are today, dare I say it’s more influential than Automotive sports and Clothing. Hence it only makes sense if there were a watch paying homage to the music industry that has shaped the generations.

Music has always been an essential part of Raymond Weil’s DNA. With over 40 years of involvement in the music industry across all genres, the Swiss watchmaker composes its timepieces the way musicians compose their chef d’oeuvres. This time, the luxury Swiss watchmaker has turned up the volume creating a tribute piece to Marshall Amplification, the world-renowned makers of amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

Renowned for being used by the most iconic musicians of all time such as Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Marshall Amplification quickly became renowned for producing amps with a signature ‘crunch’ and impressive volume. A pillar of rock culture and required onstage presence for any true rocker, their amps are still amongst the most recognised in the world.


The new music collaboration as part of Raymond Weil’s ‘Music Icons’ Series, the Marshall Amplification Limited Edition Tango pays tribute to the iconic amplifier and speaker cabinet. This exclusive watch pays homage to the distinctive style and appeal of Marshall, playing on generous volumes to delightful effect. Measuring at 43mm, the limited edition timepiece is generously proportioned, revealing a bold, masculine aesthetic, whilst maintaining the timeless appeal of its product designs. The aesthetic detailing of the watch subtly mirrors that of the amps’ distinguished look; the dial of the generously proportioned 43mm black steel case replicates the external grill of a Marshall amplifier. Finished with a white trim, it features gold subdials akin to the amplifiers’ sound buttons. Turn the watch over to reveal the stylised ‘Marshall’ logo engraving, accompanied by the limited number of your timepiece. A watch that is designed to be taken by a Rockstar onto the stage, it is only appropriate for the Tango to being powered by a quartz movement increasing its reliability and its ability to take a beating on stage.

“The collaboration between Marshall and Raymond Weil was an obvious one for us from the start. The brands, although in different products categories have great synergy in DNA – craftsmanship, expertise, iconic. Raymond Weil has been creating classic timepieces for over 40 years and Marshall creating world-renowned amplifiers for over 55 years, we couldn’t ask of a better coupling to bring you the ultimate classic rock n roll timepiece.”

Jon Ellery, Managing Director of Marshall Amplification

Limited to 1,000 pieces, the new Marshall Limited Edition represents another powerful performance from the watch brand synonymous with the musical universe. Using decades of carefully handed down watchmaking expertise to interpret musical influences into its product designs, music remains the main inspiration for Raymond Weil. Marshall Amplification further extends the collaboration with the music industry and its history of working with some of the world’s most recognized and celebrated artists and Brands. Being priced at £1,195.00, the Marshall Amplification Limited Edition tango is one for the music lovers. Visit Raymond Weil here.