Reactor Wyland Limited Edition Luxury Sport Dive Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

Ok, so what do we really have here? Well for one, it concerns about a great concept watch, think about oceans and mechanical wristwatches combined plus an artist’s rendition of it. Mind you this is quite exciting because from the looks of the timepiece, you’d definitely feel the inspiration right there on the very timepiece itself. Now I’m not a big fan of a multi-colored wristwatch but the seemingly oily sheen of the Wyland Limited Edition Luxury Sport Dive Watch speaks for itself, I like it, it’s a diver’s watch built passionately.

Moreover, the solid titanium case of the Wyland Limited Edition Luxury Sport Dive Watch gets a specialized IONIC plating technique that gives it an oily sheen commonly seen on ocean surfaces. This same technique is also used on the solid titanium bracelet allowing the watch to have its truly unique appeal. I’ve never seen this on a diver’s watch before and I hope it must look great underwater too. I like oceans and true that the ocean surface is oily, thanks to humanity’s activities.

Going back to the case, it’s built tough and the lugs are designed with rough edges. If you’re looking for a smooth one, you’ll be disappointed. However, for the tough heads out there, this is surprisingly adorable. The case looks tough even with the bluish sheen and I kind of like the dual timing bezels and the screw down crowns at 1 o’clock and 4 o’clock. The tough sapphire crystal is also a great addition here. What happened to the traditional crown by the way? Well, this is an artist’s rendition of a timepiece so consider the change a big leap to a diver’s watch design. Nah just kidding.


Anyhow, going to the dial, we can see lots of goodies pack to the Wyland Limited Edition Luxury Sport Dive Watch. The most interesting one is the Patented Never Dark dial technology which is absolutely useful for divers and with its rating of 1000M diving depth, this is such a huge plus. The way this technology works is that the dial uses a gas filled tritium which activates itself after the Superluminova is spent, neat idea. To aid maximum visibility, the indices are extra big of which I’m not complaining though including the hour and minute hands and the red seconds hand. The day and date feature is somewhat slanted towards the 4 o’clock, another unique change here. No doubt, the overall appeal of the dial is a diver’s watch, it is very pleasant.

What powers the Wyland Limited Edition Luxury Sport Dive Watch is the terrific Precision Miyota 9015 auto-mechanical movement sporting 24 jewels. Reactor Watch made sure that you can appreciate the movement by throwing in an exhibition caseback that showcases the exposed Wyland decorated rotor. You’d probably wonder why an exhibition caseback for a diver’s watch, well beats me too. Anyhow, the 42-hour power reserve of the movement is very good for a diver’s watch.


Note that there would only be 225 Wyland Limited Edition Luxury Sport Dive Watches out there so grab one while you can. For $2,500, you also get a signed original mini abstract watercolor painting by Wyland. If you’re a scuba diver, you’d definitely support the conservation of the oceans and coral reefs too. For more info, please visit