Romain Jerome Día de los Muertos Clássico Watch Collection

By Summer Sheffer

In Mexico, there is a holiday known as Day of the Dead (or Dia de Los Muertos), made to honor the deceased. RJ-Romaine Jerome has introduced three new beautiful watches with skull engravings, diamonds, and rubies. They are incredibly well-known for sticking to their one-of-a-kind designs. Every year when the Dia de Los Muertos collection is released, the brand uses exquisite timepieces to honor the cultural values of Mexico, inspired by Calaveras- sweets shaped like a human skull. These sweets are among great variety on Day of the Dead, as a good luck charm and to remind the living that they are still mortal.

The brand generally tries to release smaller-size watches, and these models have a diameter of 43 mm rather than the normal 46 mm. The RJ002-A mechanical movement powers these watches. It is a self-winding caliber with forty hours of power reserve. It beats frequently at 28,800 vibrations per hour and only shows the time with two central hands.

Each of the three models has a black PVD steel bezel with “Calaveras” engravings and are mounted on a black alligator strap.


On the first version of the watches, the skull and traverses are set with black spinels and the teeth are made up of sixteen white diamonds for a price of $18,500.



The second alternative is more affordable at $24,500, but equally beautiful. The traverses are shiny and black, applied with the “RJ” logo. The skull is embellished with a look that is almost entirely dark.



The last model tears away from the dark look with traverses set with rubies. The skull on it keeps the same champleve motif as the previous model. The price is $36,950. Each version has a limit of ninety-nine pieces.
There is another version of the watch, this of which the Calavera skull has incredibly vibrant colors and beautiful designs. This design uses a consistency use the same seven colors, made to represent the seven stages a soul must go through after death to rest in peace, speaking in religious terms. On all of the models, the watch has a black Hornback alligator strap that suits it perfectly. The case is made of steel that is black and finely PVD-coated. This is also corresponding with “paws” and a bezel in black ceramic.


RJ- Romaine Jerome is paying tribute to the Mexican culture in a unique, light-hearted way. With this watch in honor to the “Dia de Los Muertos”, the watchmaking Maison could even claim to have tamed death and became its friend. For more info, please visit


Summer Sheffer – Contributing Writer

Summer’s stepfather introduced her to the world of watches when she was at a young age. He’d gotten a watch with a face that lit up, and she’d become incredibly intrigued. Years went on, and she did more research about watches, mostly what’s on the inside. She was fascinated by how they were put together. As for luxury watches, Summer prefers Breitling. Though her favorite brands are Franck Muller and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Read her articles here.