Post-SIHH 2018: Cartier Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat Watch In Stainless Steel And Yellow Gold (Live Pictures)

By Jovan Krstevski

Before we dive into things, note that these 2 new models of Cartier Drive Extra-Flat are pretty much the same watches we have seen at last year’s SIHH 2017, only in different materials. These are fashion-centric models and we established this fact basing on the watch’s amazing thin profile at a mere 6.6 mm. If preferences count, we love the stainless steel case model since they truly stand out and more subtle than the “louder” classic yellow gold case model. If you want to make a strong statement, then go for the gold one but for those us wanting some discretion, steel model it is.

The Cartier Drive Extra-Flat is also the simplest model in the entire Drive collection comprised of time-and-date, moonphase, travel-time, and even tourbillon watches. Ultimately, what wins us is the nice slim profile of the watch which is technically wider than it is longer. This kind of dimension pretty much allows it to fit any kind of wrist comfortably and honestly, most functional at best. Some like-minded watch enthusiasts even call this new model, “the purest expression of the design” pertaining to the introduction of the Drive collection which obviously has seen various facelifts and updates.

It is very important to note that Cartier does not change their models very often. They do not introduce new shapes frequently that is why the market went frenzy and fawned over the release of the Drive in 2016, it was pretty much a huge step for the brand. The cushion shape looks quite familiar but it also introduces a fresh new look thanks to Cartier being able to evolve it in any directions it deems necessary.

Talking about iterations, the introduction of the Drive Extra-Flat last year confirmed this ability from the watchmaker. Many dedicated collectors and casual Cartier fans love it instantly. The Extra-Flat in stainless steel and yellow gold adds 2 great choices to both fans and collectors looking for both special occasion and an everyday watch.

As to why we feel that the Drive Extra-Flat is the brand’s greatest release, well for one basic reason, it just works. Its design is timely and simple but still remains very fashionable. Take the gold and you get yourself a very elegant watch, legible and unassuming. Take the steel, and you get a sporty feel, an everyday watch ready for travel and leisure whilst keeping its fashionable character. The cushion shape features a unique character without being flashy which is awesome by the way. The little design elements are just perfect like the beautiful hands in blue and dark roman numerals. The crown features the brand’s signature design so nothing fancy about that. Overall, the strength of the Drive Extra-Flat lies on its usage, so the winner here is us, the consumers.

To wrap things up, we have here a nice silver dial with blued hands and large printed Roman numerals for indexes. There is no lume but would you really want it to an already impressive design? Well, maybe yes but in this case, we can let that go and it wouldn’t really bother us here at WristReview. As for the straps, we have a blue alligator strap with steel ardillon buckle for the steel model and grey alligator strap with yellow gold ardillon buckle for the rose gold. Speaking of travels and leisure, it is worth noting that the watch has 30 m water resistance, so yes, it’s really a nice watch, kudos Cartier.