Speake-Marin Diamond Resilience Watch

By John Galt


Personally I am not a fan of diamonds on watches in my view they normally ruin the ascetics of them or draw the attention away from the piece, so when I see a new release or preview of one I predommitly skip past on to the next but this piece caught my eye, well 36 baguette-cut diamonds caught my eye and doesn’t she look gorgeous.


The 18ct rose gold Piccadilly case is seductively  elegant reminiscent of days gone by, the exquisite lugs protrude beautifully from the case with a large classic shaped crown nestling at 3’oclock.the enamel dial of the resilience is made using a copper base which is in turn enamelled on both sides using traditional techniques. The dial is simple beautifully bright enamel dial that will never lose its bright pure clean looks for centuries and forever retaining its beauty,coupled with central steel-blue hands and roman numerals its very reminiscent of antique pocket watches Which im sure is where Peter got his inspiration for, having started out repairing them in london many years ago.

The bezel is made of 36 bagettue-cut  diamonds and looks stunning married with the rose gold case and clean crisp enamel dial.

Turn the piece over and you straight away notice the Speake-Marin mystery Roter presnt as ever on one of their pieces,under the rotor is the reliable Eros automatic winding with a 5 days power reserve.The large movement dominates the view through the exhibition case .An elegant thick leather strap finnish of this impressive piece.



I like this piece with its old age feel of clean and crisp enamal with 18ct rose and feel that the diamonds really do finnish off this piece with there brilliant white sparkle , I wouldn’t say I have been converted to precious stones on watches but this did give me a warm feel as she is one pretty looking lady. For more info, please visit speake-marin.com

John Galt – Contributing Editor

John Galt caught the horology bug 4 years ago on his first visit to a London watch show and has snowballed since; John has become an avid writer and blogger of timepieces of all kinds, from everyday timepieces to modern Luxury Haute Horology, his favorite brands being HYT and Greubel Forsey that push the bounders of modern watch making. John keeps a keen interest in the UK watch scene with their many immerging brands and timepiece’s. John Galt currently contributes watch related articles for online publications in the UK and USA. You can follow John on Twitter @johng73 Read his articles here.