Only Watch 2017: BOVET Secret Beauty

By Jovan Krstevski

As the Only Watch 2017 nears, we see more and more amazing watches on offer from the world’s greatest watchmakers. These guys are practically donating exclusive unique pieces taken from their collection just for the notable cause so there is always something new to look forward to. As for the house of BOVET that has been famous for their decorative timepieces, basically considered art pieces on wrists, their contribution for the event is no other than the “Secret Beauty for Only Watch” timepiece. The BOVET brothers are considered to be omnipresent in watchmaking and art museums worldwide and they have been in the industry for 195 years. These heritage has given them the edge or mastery when it comes to the decorative arts. The watch in question features a miniature painting much like the designs seen on the pocket watches manufactured by BOVET but this time with a little naughty twist.

The “Secret Beauty for Only Watch” watch comes in a 42 mm by 9 mm 18K white gold case making it a comfortable dressy watch. It is noticeably thin for an art watch. For those worried about its true purpose, well it is still a very good and practical timer with strong emphasis for the art it beholds. The case has a a beautiful polished finish with a nice round bezel, it is simple yet highly provocative in nature. The unique lugs are part of the brand’s Amadeo construction which allows the watch to be quickly and easily converted from a wristwatch to a pocket watch to a miniature table clock.

The superb technicality applied to the creation of this timepiece dial is exceptional. The hand painted Geisha looks fabulous on the mother-of-pearl dial which combines different layers of traditional painting and Super-LumiNova to render a miniature work of art that is visible both by day and night. Traditional craftsmanship does not preclude innovation but the artisans at BOVET 1822 have taken this to a whole new level by playing with Super-LumiNova®, thus creating an illusion wherein the Geisha seemingly bares all when night falls. As for the time elements, the classic hours and minutes hands are amazing and gets out of the way of the beautiful art exhibited on the watch face.

Powering the “Secret Beauty for Only Watch” watch is the Caliber 11BA15, an automatic Haute Horlogerie movement. More specificities of the movement are not provided in the press release just yet so stay tuned.
This BOVET 1822 one-off model is expected to net between 57,000 USD to 62,000 USD. The lucky buyer also wins a unique “experience” that goes with the sale. The new owner is invited by Mr Pascal Raffy to the Artists for Peace and Justice Gala dinner (2 people) “Brilliant is Beautiful” on December 1, 2017 in London. A night in a hotel is also included in this invitation. This is fantastic as it will be joined by film director Paul Haggis and Mrs Elisabeth Hurley along with the numerous celebrities gathered around a dinner prepared by the Chef for her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom.