Only Watch 2017: DeWitt Academia

By Jovan Krstevski

When it comes to customizing your own watch, well nothing is sweeter than the deal on offer by the Swiss watchmaker DeWitt. Basically, there is only one lucky buyer since the watch on offer is a unique piece that is donated by the brand to the charitable cause of the Only Watch 2017 happening this 11th of November. To those not familiar with the brand, DeWitt has always been one of the very few that manufacture their own movements and make their very own artisan dials all in-house. The advantage of this is that the outcome is a pure Swiss watch, now we are talking. The watch on offer is no other than the Academia, or at least based on this iconic watch featuring the famous DeWitt imperial column motif. What really sweetens the deal is that the new owner can imagine the dial of their own watch, this is absolutely cool. Nonetheless, you really have to know what it is you want on your dial since we don’t think you can interchange the dial once you get tired of the one you imagined today, now this is quite a problem is it not?

The impressive stainless steel case comes on a nice dimension of 43 mm and a thickness of 10.21 mm. This is a bit large but it really makes the cool DeWitt imperial column motif shine. Being steel also adds more masculine touches particularly the mechanical lugs, yes they appear to have an extension holding the straps in place, a cool design. The crown is also large but just perfect for the overall design of the case. The chamfered bezel looks really nice and the polished steel is exceptional. It seems that the brand created this version of Academia as a pure canvas to showcase the imagined dial of the buyer.

As for the dial, well this is the icing on the cake. It is up to the buyer to make it cool. The hands are beautiful and to add more legibility or simply the classic Academia style to the imagined dial, the hour and minute hands feature an opening at the center. The seconds hand is precisely accurate and observing that they are in steel, well, what else can we say, they are absolutely darn cool.

Powering the Academia is a mechanical self-winding movement manufactured by DeWitt featuring hours, minutes and seconds. Sadly we can not offer more on this matter but stay tuned. The watch also wears on either a black alligator strap or a steel bracelet, depending on the mood of the owner. The leather makes it dressy and subtle but the steel bracelet seems to be appropriate for the daily wear.

This watch is a single unique piece only showcasing a serial number of 1/1 and expected to net somewhere between 26,000 USD to 41,000 USD. This is a very fine Swiss watch and it would be great if the lucky buyer will share the imagined dial of the watch in the future.