Watch Winner Review: Rotary Giveaway

The lucky winner of the Rotary giveaway was Joseph D. and here is his review and thoughts on the timepiece:

Hello all watch lovers,

My name is Joseph, and I’m the lucky winner of Rotary watch giveaway. The price was a Rotary AquaSpeed Sports Chronograph and I was asked to do a review.

Unfortunately, was the delivery time much longer than I expected, but finally I’ve got my Rotary watch. Actually, Rotary sent me wrong watch from the first beginning, but they solved the problem with exceptional service. Thumbs up for that!


The Brand “Rotary”

Rotary was founded in 1895 by Moise Dreyfuss in the Swiss town “of La Chaux de Fonds”. Rotary is still owned by the Dreyfuss family through Dreyfuss Group Holdings, and with Robert Dreyfuss at the helm, it’s the oldest family-owned still running Swiss watchmaker company. Rotary timepieces are now sold in over 35 countries throughout the world. Rotary specializes in designing affordably stylish timepieces, blending the old with the new and the contemporary with the classic to achieve a distinctive range of watches.


The Functionality

First of all I have to mention that this watch is Swiss made. Therefore is the build quality on the top. And the quality department at Rotary are so confident about the good quality that they give a lifetime guarantee card for right this watch model. It’s very rare that a company offers a lifetime warranty, so this is a brave step from Rotary and big evidence that the quality is superb.

The watch is made by great materials, the case is in stainless steel and so is the bezel. Of course is the glass in sapphire.


This beauty is of course water resistant, the watches classification is actually waterproof. So if you just want to snorkel or if you’re more brave and want to scuba dive with your diving equipment (or rental if you don’t own one) you can do it with a Rotary AquaSpeed Sports Chronograph. One function that I like about the watch is the helium valve. When divers stay a longer time under water, they often use pressure chambers between and after diving sessions so they can adapt to the lower pressure. But the pressure chamber contains helium, and helium penetrates the watch because the helium molecules are so small. So the pressure is changing when divers return to the surface, and the helium inside the watch wants to get out, but it can’t get out fast enough. With other words, there is a overpressure in the watch, and this overpressure can explode the watch (in firsthand the glass).


To prevent this type of damages, some engineer invented the helium valve. The helium valve releases the overpressure (helium) much rapidly and prevents that the watch goes apart. This is true engineering and a smart invention. So before diving, just release the helium screw which is placed at the top left side of the case, and the helium valve is open. And when you return at dry land you can close the helium valve. When the helium valve is closed is even the rotating bezel locked.


Some other details that I like but which are smart, regards the buttons. The buttons (start & stop) and the screws (crown & helium valve) are grooved, and this is practical – otherwise would the surface at this details be slippery while diving. Needless to say is the crown screwed which also is good while diving or swimming.

The Design

This is a more modern and catchy watch, so I suppose that the younger lifestyle are more interested in this type of watches, in other words, this watch is meant for me. This cocky design fits me perfectly.


The watch haves a 46 mm width and a 15 mm thick case in a nice flashy/brushed silver colour. The black dial is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful orange hands and luminous markers. This comes along when you’re diving, because of the darkness in the water it’s easy to see the glimmering orange markers and hands, thus, it’s easy to read the time even in the deepest and darkest water.

In the dial you can even see details such the Rotary name, the Rotary logo, the calendar-date, the chronograph and a divemeter.


But the first thing you see at the watch is the rotating bezel – its black, and its big. Seriously, the watch screams cruel attitude because of the bezel. With big numbers and sharp edges it’s the first thing you see at the watch. The watch gives a big masculine first impression, you almost get nervous at the first meeting with the watch, and that’s thanks of the bezel.


What can I say about the bracelet? The bracelet is some thinner on the width than regular watches, and this detail enhances the already masculine bezel even more. The bracelet haves a brushed silver colour with some polished silver details.


The clasp is a nice feature. It’s a fold over clasp with a safety and a push button. And I really like the clasp because of the flap. Why? Usually I bite my nails (bad habit), and this causes difficulties to me when I want to take of watches. But this flap is amazing! It’s really easy to open the flap of the safety clasp because there is a deeper hole at the clasp and the flap is resilient. It’s nice that the Rotary logo is on the clasp and its visible on a nice and discreet way (this is classy).


I’m very pleased with my new watch. Many friends, even strangers, have given compliments that the watch is beautiful with a tough twist….and of course, I can’t do other than agree with them.

I really like this watch, it’s outlook is even better than the photo!

Congrats again to Joseph D. for winning the Rotary watch. For those who haven’t won anything yet. We want to inform you that there is a giveaway contest going on right now, where you can win a watch from Melbourne Watch Company.