Introducing Three New Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer 2023 Watches

Omega's newest models stand out from the rest.

Omega, one of the world’s most reputable watchmakers, is known for its wide variety of watch designs. While some watchmakers carry a theme across their entire model range, Omega’s watches are quite varied. One example that’s always stood out amongst the crowd is the Seamaster Aqua Terra. While Seamasters usually come with bulky cases and helium escape valves, the Aqua Terra loses these attributes in favour of a subtle, more dressy approach. It’s long been a favourite model of ours, and buyers agree with us as Omega keeps making new ones. 

The newest models to join the range are three new varieties of the Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer. With a sizeable case of 43mmx 14.1mm, the Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer is unique amongst the Omega lineup. The dial features a central disk of titanium mapping the Northern hemisphere. This was achieved by laser ablation, which not only cuts the metal but, with precise temperature control, can also change the color of the material to yellowish. Ever seen the exhaust pipes of a motorbike when they’re all kinds of blues and greens? That’s exhaust temperature doing that, although with a lot less precision than here. Green versions of the watch use a green PVD coating. Reading all 24 timezones at once, as is traditional for a world timer? Nah, not really, but the watch looks good and theoretically it can be done.

Speaking of which, Omega is releasing three versions of this new watch, although really, it’s two with a different straps. You can have the stainless steel watch on an intricately-patterned rubber strap, or for a little extra on a matching stainless steel bracelet with polished center links. These watches come with a green dial and green ceramic bezel to break up the look, or, there’s a titanium one with a grey-grained dial with a black ceramic bezel and black rubber strap. I like the addition of the ceramic bezels here, not only do they break things up but they also keep the model looking modern, like when they were used on the Constellation. Like on the Constellation, the models without the contrasting bezels seem a little plain now.

Inside all three watches is the Master Chronometer certified calibre 8938. The certificate from METAS means that this watch has achieved a supreme level of accuracy (between 0 and +5s daily) while also being resistant to bumps, shocks and up to 15,000 Gauss of magnetism. It also has a co-axial escapement and a power reserve of 60 hours.

Some other good news is that, unlike everything else at the moment, these watches aren’t limited edition pieces. You can pick one up for the princely sum of CHF9400 in steel on rubber, CHF9600 in steel on a steel bracelet or CHF10,900 in titanium.