Interview with Yes Man Watches

By Jovan Krstevski




Please tell us about Yes Man Watches

Yes Man Watches is empowering people to realize It’s Your Time. The most valuable asset in our lives is time and everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, yet so few actually acknowledge how they spend their time. This is more than just a watch; it is a way to consider your use of time.

Our patent-pending buckle apparatus allows for twice as many sizing options and a sleeker fit while keeping the leather on your watch strap fresh. Right now, all watches with leather straps have holes in them—this damages the leather and restricts the wearer to a certain number of sizing options. To use our buckle, you just slide our strap through our buckle and the buckle catches on notches inserted in the strap.


Tell us more about yourself – how did you get into watchmaking?

While shopping one day I saw a similar belt design and am always thinking about how to apply innovations in other ways. As I checked the time on my watch, I realized this belt design could be applied to a watch strap. I started with this game-changing buckle design and applied it to watches after realizing the benefits.

The Yes Man Watches name came up last year as my friends would always ask me how I was doing so much with my day. I realized I made the most of my day by considering my use of time. To design our first model, our team looked at thousands of watches, saw what we liked in each one, and then applied to aspects to design our very own.

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Tell us more about the watches

Our watches are powered by a Japanese Quartz Miyota movement and are made with 316L stainless steel. Our straps are made from genuine leather. My favorite design aspect of our watch is our logo placed at the 5 O’clock mark. We originally designed our logo as a Yes Man, yet we’ve gotten feedback that it looks like a martini glass. We say it’s what you make of it, just how time is what you make of it.

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When is the watches available? How do customers order one and what is the pricing?

Our watches are available to be preordered right now through our website, for the special preorder price of $119. We’re pushing to fulfill preorders by the end of April. Once we fulfill preorders this price will be raised to $139.

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What is next for Yes Man Watches?

Our first and foremost priority is fulfilling our preorders from Kickstarter and our website. After production, we plan to globally expand online and in retailers. If you know a store you’d like to see carry Yes Man Watches, let us know! What we’re really striving to do is empower people to consider their use of time—that’s what continues to get us up in the morning.

Visit the Yes Man Watches website 


Jovan Krstevski – Founder, Proprietor & Executive Editor

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