Barrington Dual Watch Winder Review & Giveaway

Another feature is the drawer. They look cheap underneath and you might want to consider putting your beloved collectibles in more refined containers. I mean the drawer perhaps serves its purpose for common automatic watches, but in my case I need something better with high quality leather at least not some cheap plastic or carbonfibre like material. Other than this little gripe, considering it price point, I would gladly pass it and forget about this drawer feature. Besides, its job is not really to store watches but to wind them.


What I love about this watch is the real time feature of seeing how well the device performs. You could actually see if its winding counter or clockwise. And you can augment the multi directional settings with variable turns-per-day options ranging from 650, 750, 850, 1000 and 1950. Then, you could literally play with the speed and see how long your watch have been winding on the device. For me, this is a really nice feature. All of these things could be done while looking at its digital display. It’s quite new for a winder to have this neat feature specially at this price point but anyhow, I love the feature. At least I’m getting real value for the money I spent on a job that I could have done myself but then we could be going back to explaining why watch winders exist.


Perhaps, what really compliments the LED digital display is the remote control, a rather unique and game changer for this double winder. I need remote controls for a TV because I don’t want to stand every second just to change a channel or the volume of the TV. In this case, what the remote control really does is giving you total control of the device. Since the box is like so minimalist in nature, you only have the remote control to figure out changing some functions of the device. I mean it is good to have it around but I’d like to see some knobs that I could turn here and there not just buttons. Though this might be very subjective, I’m sure you would agree to have some good looking dials somewhere inside the box instead Barrington choose only to put on/off switches for respective winder at the back. What happens if the remote runs out of battery, just saying.


The heart of this winder is its two winders. Now, since I have a number of automatic watches, I really need this feature. It would be impossible to wind all of my watches since I’m not really changing multiple watches in a row. There are times when I’m sticking with a couple or maybe even three at once. This is manageable with this winder. Sometimes, I place one for the night, then another for the whole day, it works. So if you’re like me looking for this feature, this device is highly recommended.


The motors are not really that noisy although if you’re sensitive to a little humming specially intermittent ones, you might want to keep the winder hidden in a noise proof area like a drawer or something. Since this winder is actually luxurious in nature, I would not recommend that. Another feature I’d like to stress on is the safety level of this device for our beloved automatic watches. It doesn’t wind the whole time. It follows a certain rhythm just like how it behaves in our wrists. Even though most watches are equipped with retardant features that makes them stop winding when maximum power has been attained, keeping the watches in constant winding movement could actually harm their gears. Fortunately, you could forget about this problem with this winder. Plus, it’s always a good practice to leave your watch for 12 hours only then wear them and put another watch in its place.

The Barrington Dual Watch Winder may have some weakness in its choice of finishing that literally attracts fingerprints and dust, but it offers real value for a luxurious watch winder. For more info, please visit


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