Baselworld 2014 – A Remix

By Nicole Lampru





HUBLOT: The Art of fusion…Now in technicolor.

The Swiss manufacturer unveiled the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Vitrail at Baselworld 2014, causing great attention and reaffirming their skillful ways to link tradition and creative vision, putting their their “art of fusion” into play.

hublot-classic-fusion-tourbillon-vitrail-blue 1

hublot-classic-fusion-tourbillon-vitrail-red 1

Available -initially- in four different versions (each a limited edition of 20 pieces), the Fusion Tourbillon Vitrail introduces new technology by implementing laser-cut, painted glass, colored with an innovative process that offers 10 colors of translucent glass, which translates into a myriad of possibilities for this cool new model.

The Vitrail houses a HUB6017 skeleton tourbillon movement, comprised by 251 components. It also provides a 5-day power-reserve.

hublot-classic-fusion-tourbillon-vitrail-red 2

hublot-classic-fusion-tourbillon-vitrail-blue 2


N.O.A: Conquering 2014 with the new Skandar Collection

N.O.A Watches - Skandar Collection 2014

This Swiss newcomer has shown that it is very much alive and full of energy to face new challenges in the upcoming years and it has already started to conquer with the new Skandar! The unveiling of this new model inspired by Alexander The Great, boasts extremely vigorous lines and an energic style that captures the brand’s signature 3D design; while incorporating powerful color combinations.

The model is equipped with an easy-to-use Swiss chronograph and features one of the most comfortable wrist straps in the industry made out of caoutchouc. These straps are also interchangeable, providing great versatility with undisputably strong design.

Watchmakers… ETERNA-lly 

Another “Heritage” Collection to follow closely was presented at Baselworld this year. 2014 has apparently marked a new era for ETERNA watches after its separation from Porsche Design


After its absence during Baselworld 2013, ETERNA has returned focusing on the reinvigoration of their watch designs and movements.

The new Royal KonTiki Two Time Zones is the new star of the brand, featuring a Caliber 39 in-house movement in a sporty GMT timepiece inpired by its 1970’s predecessor. This time, the KonTiki offers a 68-hour power reserve and a nice, clean design that promises to be a great seller.

De Bethune DB29 MaxiChrono Tourbillon 

We are all used to DeBethune’s aesthetically flashy pieces; and of course this year’s exhibition did not let us down.

The DB29 involves not only beautiful craftsmanship, but also top-notch technical skill. Beneath the imposing rose gold case and concentric chronograph rings, we find a titanium skeleton that houses a complex -yet very light- tourbillon, oscillating at 36,000 A/h.


Only the push of a button flips the case-back of this masterpiece open, to reveal a highly mechanical heart shielded by sapphire crystal. An amazing composition.


Cheers to 110 years of ORIS! 

As the brand celebrates 110 years, Oris has chosen to present a new in-house calibre (its first in 35 years) at Baselworld 2014.

Oris-110 anniversary

Accurately named Calibre 110, the new timepiece is an extremely dainty 40-jewel, hand-wound piece. This tribute to the brand is so well-though of and detail-oriented, that it even provides a “10”-hour power reserve.

Sleek, clean and offered in both stainless steel and rose gold versions, the Calibre 110 by Oris is pure elegance, without breaking the bank.


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 Nicole Lampru – Contributing Writer
With an inherited passion for timepieces and jewelry, Nicole made her way into the watchmaking world as member of marketing teams for a few independent brands. She started writing about watches around 3 years ago for printed and digital media in USA and South America. Interested in innovative trends, yet appreciating tradition; her wrist-game is eclectic… And despite her shy height (5′) she loves big, bold watches.