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The watch face needs plenty of room to be slid up and down before putting on so that youcan adjust where you want the buckle to land on the underside of your wrist.

-Yes. Plenty of room!
It needs to have both layers so that the watch wont fall of in the event of a spring bar breaking.

-Yes. The only time I have seen this not done is by Timex with their Weekender watches. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s part of the original story and so I feel it should be done. It’s quite useful and could end up saving you a lot of money.
It should be long enough to fold back over.

-Yes. This was also part of the original story and should
be done so that the original purpose is still able to be accessed.

It should not stretch at all.

-Yes. If it stretches then sizing can get weird both on your wrist and on the lugs.

It should perfectly match your lug width.

-Yes. If it doesn’t…it just won’t look right and has the ability to move around which is

The Verdict

They met all but one of my expectations and C&B offers very memorable colors…I love the purple! The price is great too. The hardware is only glued in and not sewn.

Genuine Leather Straps

There simply is no backstory for genuine leather straps. All you need to know is it’s not fake leather, that’s about it. The two Crown & Buckle leather straps I got have blown me away. I’m thrilled with them because they look great on several of my watches and offer a whole new look to each one. They are very comfortable and fit well. I do not think sizing is an issue because they have many holes (I’ve seen some with only 3…quite risky if you ask me). I also have gotten leather straps with keepers (the little loops that hold down the extra inches of strap) that are enormous. I hate it when a leather strap has keepers that are super thick because it’s absolutely unnecessary and just makes the strap bulky, uncomfortable, and ugly. These keepers do their job and they are very thin! The straps are very will finished, are soft, and are not too thick. Also, the buckles are sturdy and work without headache. Overall, these straps are quite nice by being conservative and sticking to tried and tested methods. They aren’t custom made, but honestly they are just as nice as $200 custom handmade straps. I would recommend these to anyone.


The Verdict

Absolutely everything. These bad boys have great prices and offer more than you pay for them. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second from buying these. Hm…that you have to wait a day or two for them to arrive? For more info, please visit

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